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3 Tips for Day Game Success

Is it possible to meet a woman for the first time and have her give you her number in less than 60 seconds? Depending on who you ask, the answer is either yes or no.

Some men seem to do it with such ease and effectiveness that makes it seem more like a playboy movie than real life. On the other hand, some folks can never go past a ‘hi there’.

For the guys out there that want to up their day game success, here are three conversation starter tips that can turn you into a girl magnet on the streets.

1. Make things a little complicated so that you keep the thread flowing: When you meet a hot girl out on the streets, it’s almost by impulse that you’ll feel compelled to make a compliment. Honestly speaking, there’s nothing wrong with that. But the only problem with this type of approach is that it leaves you with nothing else to say.

You meet a girl and say to her, ‘You’re very beautiful’, or something close to that, and then you have to start the conversation all over again with a new topic. By this time, it’s very obvious you’re trying too hard because you’ve already hit a dead end.

To avoid such a scenario, you need to complicate the thread by ‘deflecting her response’. This basically means that you don’t give her the chance to ‘solve your problem’. For instance, if you meet a girl holding a yoga mat and you ask, ‘Is that a yoga mat?’ She will simply answer ‘Yes’ and the conversation will be over.

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However, if you made things a little harder and said, ‘Is there a place around here we could do yoga?’ In this case, a girl is more likely to engage more in the conversation. You can then go on complicating her answers until you have her fully engaged in the conversation.

2. Make a smooth transition by having an ‘excuse’: When you think about it from a girl’s perspective, she would need an excuse to give you her number. In day time situations, it’s always better to be discrete, rather than blatantly hit on the girls you meet.

For girls you meet on the street, you’ll always be a stranger, no matter how long you spend with them.

Spending more time with her does not in any way increase your chances of seeing her again; in any case, the longer you spend with a stranger, the less your chances get of meeting her again (and greater chance of making a fool of yourself). To avoid this mistake, transition the conversation as soon as you can. Just move the conversation toward getting her number as fast as possible.

3. Keep your composure all throughout: Surprisingly, this is the most obvious tip, but also the one that most guys need to work on. Women have an impeccable sixth sense that can read body language well before you even think of uttering a word.

Any signs of nervous behavior will quickly wipe your chances of getting her number. Don t make a big deal of a minor faux pas – just keep going, and once you’re able to do this, you’ll manage to keep your composure, no matter the situation.

These three simple tips are guaranteed to get you more numbers that you will have trouble keeping up with the dates.

how to be irresistible to women

how to be irresistible to women

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