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7 Great Places to Meet Women

Are you at a loss about where to meet women? If so, you've probably tried all of the common advice: bars, clubs, coffeehouses, dance classes, bookstores, churches, libraries.

But what if you've either tried all those and have had no luck or if you just don't have many options where you live?

If so, and you're looking for some ways to increase your options, here are seven places to consider:


Okay, it's time to get over the stigma. If you don't have an online dating profile, get one and start making some contacts. Forget about all the people who are saying: "Why would you want to date a woman you met online?"

Let's be honest, you can meet flaky women anywhere, not just online. But there's also a lot of quality women who date online because they just don't have time to waste sorting through men offline.

Online dating is an efficient way to connect to someone who is actively looking, so why not start using it?

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Dog Parks

If you have a dog, you are practically guaranteed to meet women at a dog park. And even if you don't have one, people love to talk about their dogs. Not to mention that people who take their dog to the park are normally at least a little active, which is a good thing when it comes to choosing someone to date.

Book clubs

Do you like to read? If not, you might want to give it a try anyway and join a book club. Reading is very good for your mind and can open up a whole new realm of possibilities for your dating life as well. You can tell a lot about someone by the things they read, and women who read are more likely to be interesting to talk to.

Just be sure you pick a subject that you really like. If you're "faking" it, a well read woman will know it.

The Grocery Store

Before you laugh at me for this, just think about it: how many attractive women did you see the last time you were at the grocery store? So since you're going to shop for food anyway, why not do some date shopping? Sure, women might not be there to meet a man. But you'd be surprised at how romantic women consider those "chance encounters" at unexpected places.

You can ask her for advice on two brands that you're looking at to start the conversation. Even if it doesn't go anywhere, you'll build your social skills from doing this. Remember also that to women, shopping is more of a social event than it is for men.

You never know what might come of give it a chance.

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The Gym...Sort of

Okay, just a tip: women don't go to gyms to get hit on...and most of them HATE it when men try to run game on them at the gym. Men might see the gym as a social thing, but women are there to work out and to get out.

However...  You CAN find a gym that has a juice bar or smoothie bar where picking up a woman at the gym can actually work out pretty well. Why is this? Because she'll usually be done working out at that time, which is a great time to connect with someone.

Exercise releases endorphins into a person's body, which makes them feel good. If you can catch her in this kind of state (and if she's done working out), you might have a good chance at a connection.

Just make sure you're there to get in shape as well ;-)

Your Social Circle

If you missed the last email on expanding your social circle, you need to go back to your junk folder and check it out. Your social circle is the best place to meet women, and if you have a strong social circle, you'll probably never run out of dating options. So if your circle is weak, it might be time to get to work to expand your social circle... like right now.

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Now, I'm sure there's one question that's on your mind... how do you get a woman into bed? Come one, we're men...I know you've been wondering about it. We'll be tackling this in the next email.