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Approaching Women is Fun

There is nothing scary about it. Approaching women is fun! It is an adventure which will ultimately lead to amazing relationships, friendships and love.

The question is why do so many guys dread talking to females? Often the look of pure terror on a guys face is perplexing to a woman awaiting approach.

Generally, men make the first moves so naturally it is up to you to lead the initial phase of communication.

While yes, there are females who are simply unapproachable or at least give off that vibe; most girls are open to an approach and have no problem at least having a bit of dialogue with you.

Women are waiting

And waiting…and waiting…and oh, that one, no? Oh. (Pout)

And they wait, hoping some courageous guy will have enough confidence to smile their way and say hi. Don’t you think it’s time you were that guy? Stop hiding out and open yourself up to meeting females of every kind. You will find that once you do, it will come easier and you will develop a knack for talking to the girls.

There are single females everywhere. Heck there are females who are not single everywhere who still enjoy the company of other men. Where are they? Everywhere! The grocery store, the gym, on airplanes, at sci-fi conventions, you name it – they are around.

So don’t be shy, start realizing approaching women is fun.

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Why? How?

Why is it fun? Simple, women have the funniest reactions. They react with subtle clues, grand gestures or outright joy or hate. It’s fun to sort through the crazy dimensional waves of female.

Have fun with it and practice a bit. If you are insecure, start with the ugly ones - you know the ones you aren’t really targeting but you would settle for if desperate. Now, try walking up and saying something really crazy or cheesy like, “you dropped something over there” then “I just wanted to see your other side.” Just wait for the utter look of disdain, disgust and next – the glare!

It’s great! Women are capable of the most varied collection of faces and you are simply a witness. It’s like attending a theatrical event. Once in awhile you will get that girl who just laughs and enjoys your humor. Snag the one who gets you! She’s priceless.

Women aren’t all nasty

In spite of what some guys think, women don’t sit around waiting for the poor, pathetic fool to approach her so she may loudly and aggressively scoff and dismiss him.

Not at all. Women are also timid, shy, awkward and uncertain in social settings. Try walking up to a meek girl and watch her tremble with nervousness when you mention her utter hotness! Reversely, approach a hot woman and tell her she has something on her teeth, you will enjoy the show as she tries to gracefully pick it out!

Don’t concern yourself with insecurities which are not based on fact. Approaching women is fun and all you have to do is get over yourself and your fear of the opposite sex. Many women are interested in meeting single guys and if you start looking around and communicating once in awhile you will find it to be quite easy.

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how to be irresistible to women

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