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Arranging a Date

“Dating is a give and take. If you only see it as taking, you are not getting it.” -Henry Cloud, How to Get a Date Worth Keeping

You wouldn’t take apart your toaster oven or repair your blow dryer without some sort of manual right? Dating can be similar in outward complexity yet when it’s streamlined into black and white, it’s ultimately simple!

Below is a fantastic step by step guide to assist you in arranging a date. You will learn what to say, where to sit and how to behave so you can become your own dating expert.

Step 1: Ask Them Out

Before you can begin planning a date you must first insure – you have one! In order to land a date you must accomplish these 3 things:

• Get Their Attention
• Establish Contact
• Express Interest

To gain attention, don’t do anything wacky or out of the ordinary. Rather, make eye contact, see if they look back, smile and acknowledge their presence.

From there, simply walk up and say Hi! Forget about silly lines you heard in the movies; a simple human greeting is sufficient. From there, strike up a conversation and gauge the reaction to you. Are they listening intently or looking around and avoiding you? Do they ask questions smile and seem pleased or are they bothered by your presence? Once you have determined the person is interested, move on towards the final step.

Express interest by complimenting them or showing enthusiasm. Buy them a drink or flirt. If they return the flirtatious gestures or express interest, you have the go ahead – ask them out!

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Step 2: Decide your Venue

If this is your first date, it’s always best to plan a date somewhere casual but cozy. A dinner at a rustic restraint which is not extravagant but has a taste of romance or charm is ideal.

If this is not the first date, plan something special you know they will enjoy such as a concert they would like or horseback riding. Be creative! If you need help, read our article on fun first date ideas.

Step 3: Confirm your Date

Once you have an idea of where you want to go, it is a good idea to give your date a call to confirm. Be sure to go over the details so your date can be prepared. You wouldn’t want them showing up in a mini skirt to go horseback riding or jeans to a fine dining establishment. If it’s a surprise then give them an idea of what to wear.

Be sure to include the following info when arranging a date:

• Day
• Time
• Dress
• If you are picking them up
• Hint or general idea of what you will be doing

Always conclude your confirmation call with a, “I look forward to seeing you again.”

Step 4: Clean your car and know your way around

If you are planning on picking up your date, be sure to spend some time tidying your car. Just as you make an impression, so does the cleanliness of your vehicle. Even if it’s an old model, show you have self respect by keeping it clean and smelling good. Burger wrappers and old soda cans are not appealing.

Also, be sure to map out the area or venue location prior to picking up your date. Getting lost or being late for a reservation will show a lack of responsibility and planning. Your date will think you didn’t take much time to arrange a special time if you don’t know where you are heading and are just winging it.

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Step 5: Be on Time

Always be on time. If unforeseen circumstances caused you to be late, always call, don’t text that you are behind schedule. Keep things personal and show your consideration. Apologize for any delays and make it up to them in some small way such as pick up a flower or something sentimental.

Step 6: During the Date Etiquette

For guys – always open her door, pull up her chair and treat her with respect.

When sitting at a restaurant, proper etiquette suggests the girl sit facing out towards the entrance and the guy in opposition (not nestled up next to each other, unless it is a more advanced date.)

Ask her opinion before ordering drinks; have her taste the wine with you and determine together if you like something. Always be polite, ask questions and avoid talking the entire time. Be sure your date has a chance to share. It is important to stay away from topics about ex’s, sex or anything negative.

Step 7: Be Spontaneous

After the date think of something spur of the moment to do such as desert at a local bakery/coffee house or a romantic stroll or carriage ride. This will end the date with something memorable and unexpected.

Step 8: Ending the Date

Depending on whether it’s the first time out or not will help you determine how to end the date. If it is the first date then a cordial goodbye with a soft kiss is a good way to go. If it is several dates in and you feel you are both ready to heat things up, ask to come in or invite them over to your place. Don’t place any pressure on your date. If they seem reticent always be respectful and consider the prolonged intimacy a nice form of foreplay.

If you are a guy, always walk her to the door. By following these steps to arranging a date you will have an advanced technique and gain success in repeat dates. You will also be respected for your genuine courtesy and thoughtfulness as well as your ability to plan and organize.

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