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Attitudes to Have With Women

If you want to be the guy who attracts the ladies and easily seduces them, you will need to learn about the various attitudes to have with women.

Most guys are caught up in a need to express their masculinity to the point they completely ignore the desires or tendencies women require. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you hone your dating skills.

Don’t Go Overboard

In other words, if you are approaching a chick and she is particularly attractive, don’t let HER know you think as much. Many women are used to being approached by men for one reason and one reason alone – sex! Try and mask this side of your nature by acting like she is just like anyone else.

This means, DON’T give her too many compliments; especially ones related to her sexuality or body. She will expect you to tell her how hot she is so instead compliment her on the unexpected. For example, if you see her do something nice, tell her how nice it was. She will not only be intrigued by you and appreciative you noticed something else for a change, she will also be curious about your intentions.

Build the Mystery

Women love a challenge. If you have an attitude of someone who is mysterious or has depth, she will take the bite right away. You are creating a game for her to play and making it part of the fun. You can be mysterious by not doing all the talking.

Look at her with intensity and don’t fall prey to tedious conversations. In other words, try not to discuss boring cliché’ subject matter. Instead, see if you can intrigue her into talking about things more dark and alluring. Don’t be creepy or scare her but certainly have an attitude of quiet, subtle sexuality.


When it comes to the most important attitudes to have with women, the hands down answer is respect. So many guys believe that if they over power a woman by making crude suggestions or overly aggressive statements, the woman will think they are powerful, strong and good in bed. This is not true. In fact, the opposite occurs.

Most women will think you are a jerk who is most likely insecure and therefore over compensates with masculinity to prove something. Give it a break. Try and treat her at first as you would any woman you admire and respect such as your sister, mother or female friend.

She KNOWS you are male and doesn’t need you to point it out anymore than normal, nor does she need a reminder about the option of hopping into bed with you. Make her feel like she will be safe, taken care of and in good hands when she is with you and she will want more.

Your ability to be yourself is your biggest strength. If you are conscientious about the ladies you interact with, you will be successful with the attitudes to have with women. Try and remember, no matter how attractive the girl, they are individuals who want to be admired, respected and cared for rather than objectified.

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