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5 Hypnotic Personality Traits to Seduce Women

When it comes to intrigue, nothing works better for a guy than hypnotic seduction. If you want women to be mesmerized and enchanted by your personality, you must learn the 5 hypnotic personality traits to seduce women.

These tricks of the trade will leave a trail of female companionship eager for your attention and favor.

#1. Mystery

There is no doubt women love to be seduced. They enjoy the teasing style of foreplay which leaves them with hot, panting anticipation.

The irony is they don’t want to know you are doing it. If you plan to seduce a female, your best bet is to play a little hard to get. Be the guy who’s looking without making a move. Challenge her to come to you and she won’t be able to avoid it.

#2. Chemistry

Both men and women are biologically programmed toward chemical compatibility. Although the attraction is unique to each individual, there are ways to enhance your own natural chemistry to lure her in. First, use only a small amount of cologne. Your own body scents are much more appealing to her subconsciously but if you want to identify yourself with a scent, be sparing.

Find a scent which is clean and masculine. You can also consider using pheromone based substances to enhance your sex appeal. These are natural chemicals in the body which are often identified. Generally they are a musky scent but also warm or spicy aromas lend towards sexual arousal and attraction.

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#3. Confidence

Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. In order to seduce women, it is imperative a man have confidence. To project this initially, you should work on your body language as this is the way a woman is initially drawn to a man.

The way you sit, stand, gesture, react and interact with others is all expressive of your level of confidence. Having terrific posture and a self assured pose will more often than not attract women above and beyond looks.

#4. Sex Appeal

A man’s sex appeal is generally shown in his ability to treat a woman well. At least that’s how they view it. If you are tender yet subtle and can touch a woman without being aggressive, you will pique her sexual attraction towards you.

Women enjoy the foreplay of suggestive innuendos and a man who is bold enough to express physical attraction through hints and imagination. Women also love the hunt. The more you play hard to get while expressing interest the more likely she will be chasing after you.

#5. Control

While most women will say they don’t want a man who is “controlling”, it is not the same as a man who takes “control”. Women are always looking for the guy who has his act together. Whether it is financially, with his career, education or dreams, she wants to know he has a plan and a direct course to achieve his ideas.

The seduction lies in showing her a man who is capable of handling her as well as the rest of his life. She will be drawn to this self assured type of person who knows where he is going because it will make her feel safe and secure in his presence.

Although there are many more than just these 5 hypnotic personality traits to seduce women, these are generally the most basic and dominant. By incorporating these traits into your dating life, you will find more women attracted and captivated in your presence.

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