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Body Language Secrets You Must Know

How an individual presents him or herself gives direct clues to what he or she may be thinking or feeling in any given moment.

There are body language secrets you must know to promote yourself in a positive and attractive light in order to obtain life’s successes.

There are positive and negatives subconscious posturing and gestures which should be learned in order to insure you are communicating effectively with your body and not just your voice.

How to Change Your Body Language

Our subconscious reactions become easy habits. The first thing you must do in order to develop good body language habits is to recognize your natural tendencies.

Analyze yourself in multiple situations and be aware of what you do with your body. How do you sit? What is your reaction to something negative? How is your posture? Where are you directing your gaze? How are you using your hands and legs?

Try using a mirror to take a look at yourself and practice optimal body language to attract women. Another way to make changes is to observe the people around you. Through this insight you can be more aware of what certain languages look like and how they affect your judgment.

Positive Body Language

Some of the body language secrets you must know are self explanatory but surprisingly there are subtle gestures and habits which will define who you are to those around you. Developing these attributes will help make you a more attractive people person.

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Here are a few positive body language habits to adapt.

Head Held High/Shoulders Back - This indicates confidence and authority

Tilted Head - Shows Interest

Open Palms - Expresses Openness, Innocence and Sincerity

Sitting with Hands Resting Behind Head - Shows Superiority and Authority

Hands on Hips - Expresses Aggression and Readiness

Legs Apart While Sitting - Shows a Relaxed and Open Nature

Erect and Brisk Movements - Confidence

Leaning Forward and/or Nodding Your Head - Interested and Listening

Taking up Space - Confident and Authoritative

Smiling and Laughter - Indicates a Relaxed and Positive Nature

Negative Body Language

Often people express ideas and concepts about themselves which are seen as negative. These reactions are not healthy in developing good people skills and even if you don’t feel confident or superior, you should try avoiding negative language which gives your thoughts away. Avoid doing the things below in order to learn how to use the body language secrets you must know.

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Eyes Faced Down or Directed at the Ground - Indicates Low Self Worth or Insecurity

Fidgeting - Nervousness

Head Resting in Palms, Eyes down - Boredom

Ankles Locked – Apprehension

Rubbing the Nose – Lying, Doubt

Hands in Pockets - Dejected

Arms Crossed – Defensiveness

Crossing Your Chest or Blocking Your Heart - Fear, Guarded

Hands behind Back - Frustration, Anger, Apprehension

Touching or Fondling Hair - Lack of Self Esteem, Insecurity

Some of the body language secrets you must know are difficult to change quickly. The idea is to practice by over exaggerating the ones you wish to adapt. For example, if you want to show yourself as confident and authoritative; practice by over doing your gestures such as sitting with your legs sprawling open and your hands way behind your head.

Yes, it may be awkward but you will eventually develop a method which is comfortable and it will help you remember to keep the habit.

Many political figures, public speakers and prominent business professionals learn body language tricks in order to help them convey a sense of success and esteem from their colleagues.

Learning these secrets can help you improve your dating life, friendships, work relationships and people skills in general. Even if you don’t have all the internal workings in place, keep practicing anyway and eventually your mindset will catch up to your body language.

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