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Getting That X-Factor With Women

When you see those average-looking guys walking around with a gorgeous females on their arms, you KNOW they know something other men don't.

Underneath the unassuming exterior of these "average" men, they've got something that puts them ahead of the curve.

Beyond their unremarkable physique and plain-looking wardrobe, there's that intangible x-factor that other guys have NO CLUE about.

It's ironic to think that these kind of guys get to enjoy a flourishing dating life while other better-dressed, square-jawed men are in the dark, helplessly fumbling for the REAL way to be popular with the ladies.

Is it money? A lot of guys will be quick to assume that these average-looking (but highly content) men have some sort of bottomless trust fund which automatically adds a gazillion points to their attractiveness quotient.

Well, guess again. It's not about how much dough you have in your pocket, nor how fancy your get-up is. Anyone who's NOT an unemployed bum has a chance of being popular with women - KNOWLEDGE is what separates the seduction experts from the AFCs.

A lot of frustrated men have endlessly pondered on why their own efforts at attracting females have failed miserably. They'll say,

"Man, this sucks! I've invested so much in looking good and working out, but I still can't get that cute colleague of mine to go out with me!"

Some will go on to whine, "Why shouldn't women accept me for who I am? There shouldn't be any reason for me to change just to get a girl interested in me!"

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Guess what, there are plenty of reasons to do better, and it doesn't mean you have to become a completely different person that you wouldn't recognize.

It's a matter of being the best version of yourself that women want to see. You're already an attractive and interesting guy; you just need to have certain qualities that come standard with any man who knows how make the ladies fall for him.

There are essential attitudes that can help you unleash your potential, and having the awareness to acquire and USE these qualities is what you'll need to do in order to work with what you already have inside you.

Don't think that you have to cultivate some artificial character out of thin air and replace that with who you are.

What we'll talk about today will help you realize that what women want is a guy who has his act together, takes pleasure in being alive, and is raring to make some lucky girl part of that kick-ass life.

In short, a woman's ideal guy is someone who lives by core values which help him realize his full potential EVERY DAY. It's a daily habit of knowing and practicing the right attitudes that guide him to succeeding in BOTH life and love.

So, what are these things that are so damn important anyway?

First of all, women dig guys who have a sense of responsibility. They're into men who've got it together and know how to manage their lives well.

Of course, that general (but critical) trait can be interpreted in many ways, so let's elaborate on what I mean exactly. The kind of guy I'm talking about has the ability to create AND stick to a set of personalized goals in life.

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He's dedicated to doing and experiencing things that make him happy and fulfilled in life.

 He's the man who passionately seeks to accomplish some sort of never-ending mission in his life, whether it's about making it big as a freelance artist, or being an established entrepreneur in the business world.

What I'm emphasizing here is to have a direction in life. It doesn't matter what shape or form that direction takes, as long as it keeps you happy AND helps you be a better person because of it.

Don't think for a second that being responsible and having no personality are the same.

You can have the most corporate kind of job out there and NOT be boring at the same time; having a functional life and knowing how to stir a girl's positive feelings are two separate things.

Women love to be with guys who are deeply involved in MAKING THINGS HAPPEN for themselves and for others.

It's the ability to be generative that draws women close.

Eventually, whatever passion you pursue in life will attract a woman who'll happen to share your own interests (or will at least have her curiosity sparked by what you like).

In other words, women are very much open to date a man who knows how to act like a grown-up. Sure, girls might be infatuated by the reckless, fast-lane-living, bad-boy type who thrives on danger.

The thought of being with this kind of guy might spark a few short-lived fantasies here and there, but genuine, long-term attraction is found in being an adult who knows what he wants out of life.

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Like I said before, being a millionaire isn't the point. As long as your job (and the other parts of your life) serve to keep you engaged in living a full, rich life, then you'll never fail to catch the attention of quite a few women somewhere down the journey.

Whether you're a self-employed photographer or the CEO of a multi-billion company, you can be attractive if your thirst for life makes you happy as a person.

Even if you have all the money in the world, not having the maturity to love your life will always keep you from ending up in a serious relationship.

Here's another tip: if she wants you to have a life of your own, she'll even love it more if you let her live hers as well.

I've had a lot of consultations with men who didn't realize that THEY were the ones creating their problems with women.

It isn't uncommon for a lot of guys to be overbearing with their partner because they can't handle the fact that she also has a life of her own.

I see it all the time: boy meets girl, boy likes girl, and then boy takes over girl's life completely. It's probably that nagging insecurity that some men have about themselves.

Look, it's normal to feel a LITTLE flustered to think about what could be more important than her time with you.

It becomes a problem when you get emotionally involved with a woman and then start to get jealous over the people and the interests that share in her life.

Here's a basic truth: even if you are a couple, you can NEVER own a person, and you can't force yourself to be a part of her life if she doesn't want to.

Feeling a little envy over your girl's male co-workers, friends and acquaintances is fine, and for the most part normal, but DON'T DWELL on it or let it become something much bigger than it is.

In fact, never blow your top or start a huge fight over it. The classic blunder that MANY guys make is to give her woman hell for even acknowledging the presence of other males in her life.

In most circumstances, it points more toward a guy's irrational insecurity rather than an actual problem with a woman's actions. It only gets worse if you start kicking up storm over any of her activities that DON'T involve you.

It's commonplace for women to be under a lot of unnecessary stress when their boyfriend harangues them over her interests and hobbies, especially if the implication is there that she may have to choose between them or him.

These jerks give them crap for the shallow reason of having something else going on in their lives other than THEM.

Don't be that jerk that gets jealous or gives her a hard time. Support the things that she loves, and encourage her to pursue her interests and hobbies.

Those are the things that make her into who she is, and granting her the independence to live her life will make you the coolest guy in her book.

No one said you actually HAVE to like what she does, but you'd have to be an ass if you didn't respect her interests at the very least, right?

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