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Getting Women to Pick You Up

Many guys are tired of the long days and nights spent seeking female companionship. While often it seems this chore of seeking dates is never ending, the truth is it is possible getting women to pick you up.

More and more women are becoming the bold initiators and taking a forward role in the process of seeking a mate.

If you are a guy, you will be relieved to know it does not always have to be in your hands. Learning a few things about what women are attracted to and how to be accessible will open up the doors for a female approach.

Man vs. Boy

Regardless of your age, women are attracted to many characteristics and your level of experience is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether you are a boyish guy or a manly guy.

A boyish guy is typically the life of the party. He is gregarious and spontaneous. Generally he will be laughing, joking, giggling and creating a sensation around him. Many guys fall into this category and don’t realize that by trying to draw attention to themselves, they are ultimately turning off a large amount of single females.

That is not to say if you are an extroverted, outgoing, raucous type, women won’t be attracted to you. Generally speaking, however, boyish guys have more difficulty hiding their true intentions. They won’t be able to mask their level of attraction and therefore present no mystery.

Women are more likely to be attracted initially to a manly man. A guy who is slower to action, speaks with controlled effort and is not quick to jump on a bandwagon will appeal to her senses. The reason behind this is simply mystery! Women have to spend a little more time inspecting a manly man.

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The more time spent interested in a guy the more likely she is to make a move. All women love puzzles and challenges and a manly guy presents themselves as mysterious and intriguing. She would rather go for the challenge than approach someone who is so blatantly outward.


Women are not as visually stimulated as men. This works to your advantage because you don’t have to be a supermodel to gain the interest of women. That being said, women do look at very specific categories when it comes to guys looks. Taking care of a few essential components will assist in getting women to pick you up.

• Cleanliness

She will not approach a guy who looks like he rarely showers or grooms.

• Teeth

Teeth are very important to a woman and generally one of the first things she will notice when up close. It is a good idea to spend time on your teeth whether whitening, straightening or simply brushing them, if you want a woman to pick you up.

• Facial Hair

While facial hair can be hit or miss with the ladies, it is often best to keep yourself clean shaven to attract a wider appeal. Women want to be able to see your face and imagine touching or kissing a smooth surface. Plus, it often seems that men try and hide behind their facial scrub and this limits the responses you may receive from the opposite sex.

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• Clothing

You don’t have to have the most expensive designer clothes but you should be conscientious regarding your dress appearance. Be sure your clothes are ironed and worn with care. Showing you take pride in how you look indicates a level of self respect which translates into confidence.

Generally a button down or collared shirt is your best bet. Wear jeans which fit correctly and aren’t too baggy or bulging. Women want to assess the goods and the more you hide the less likely they will be to show interest.


In order to get a woman to actually make the move and approach you, you must be sure you are accessible. Don’t surround yourself with friends and expect her to fight her way to you. While you can play hard to get, be sure you really are easy to access. It is also a good idea to give her at least one indication you are interested in her. Either smile, hold eye contact or wink so she knows you are available.

Women will also be more eager to approach you once they have scoped out your interactions with others. Women can gauge a guy in a matter of seconds. She does this through a quick assessment of your body language and how you interact with other females.

If you are smiling and talking with another female she may be intrigued. You just have to be sure to remove yourself often in order to show you are single and available.

If you follow this advice in getting women to pick you up, you will find that your dating life will enhance and you will have less work ahead of you. There are many single women out there with enough self confidence to approach someone they find interesting and attractive. Why not let them do the work for a change?

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