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How to Attract Girls By Complimenting

Learning how to attract girls by complimenting is easy, you simply must put it to use. There are a few rules to pay attention to in order to do this properly.

The good news is, women love compliments and if you deliver them right, they will be all over you every time!

What women are used to?

Women are naturally good at giving compliments. In fact women are just good at giving, in general. It is part of their natural make-up to nurture and share themselves with others.

That is why women love the company of other women and can be heard chatting away together. Women always compliment each other. Its part of their golden rule, treat others as you wish to be treated. If you can learn to do this as well as a girl, you will have an edge in the dating and relationship game.

What compliments do women prefer?

You may be surprised to find out that some compliments are much more effective than others. Any compliment is good when it is sincere but ultimately you should avoid being boring or cliché’ by staying away from generalities. Here are some examples of compliments which should be revised:

“You look nice”
“You look so pretty in blue”

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See the difference? The first compliment is general; anyone can say it without much effort. The second is much more specific. A girl will feel more apt to believe you if you are paying attention to the details.

Women also love compliments which are related to their character or strength. Because women often struggle to be successful and strong for their children, husband’s bosses and mentors, they are more prone to appreciate compliments which point out their good qualities. Here are some examples:

“You are so good with children”
“You have a really good heart”
“How did you learn to do that so well?”
“I have never met anyone as strong as you”
“You have the leadership qualities of a queen”

And so forth. These all point towards her strength in character and make her feel amazing.

It’s all about the details

As mentioned above, your best method in how to attract girls by complimenting lies in your ability to notice the details. If you are specific in your compliments she will not only believe your intentions are genuine, she will be impressed by your observation.

All women are looking for someone to truly connect with. In order for them to feel this bond of intimacy they require someone to know them on a deep level. When you master the ability to compliment women such that they feel you are capable of their level of intimacy, you have tapped into a very big secret.

the master plan

To do this, always avoid generalities. Work hard on developing your observation skills. If you see a pretty girl, notice something nice she does or something attractive about her which perhaps not everyone would see. Walk up to her and compliment her. She will not only smile at your boldness but will possibly blush at how deeply you are able to observe.

Here are a few ideas to play around with:

“You are the only person in here who is dressed with class”
“You have beautiful hazel eyes”
“I love your style”
“I noticed the way you carry yourself and thought I have to meet you”
“I have been mesmerized by the way you smile at everyone”
“I watched you kindly turn down that guy and thought how sweet you must be”

You get the idea. Of course you always want your compliments to be not only considerate but also genuine. Don’t go around throwing out the same lines to everyone or they will begin to sound memorized and insincere.

Women can smell a lack of sincerity a mile a way and they know when they are simply being played. In order to truly learn how to attract girls by complimenting them, you must learn to practice observing the little things.

Forget the one liner approach and start realizing that women will respond much better if you pick up on subtleties. Once you have mastered these simple concepts you will see how quickly you begin to receive positive responses from the girls around you.

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