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How to Attract Women With Body Language

In order to learn how to attract women with body language, you first must begin a process of developing these alpha male tendencies as habits.

Once you have mastered them alone or with strangers, begin practicing openly and become consistently aware of the physical dialogue you are projecting.

The way you stand, gesture, sit and use your hands says a lot about who you are. Knowing this will give you an edge over your competition and allow you to become more attractive to women.

What Women Seek Versus What Guys Do

While women have their own set of body language gestures, more often than not they behave in a much more subtle fashion then men. For some reason, men still use the ape like gestures and physicality’s to gain attention from the female species.

Although many of these signals are obvious and hard to miss, more success will be found if you learn to tone it down a bit. Here are some examples of things guys do and what would be more appealing to a woman.

Eye Contact

While generally the guy will look first and the female will look away first, this isn’t always the best rule. Yes, the guy often is the initiator but if a female holds your gaze and you look away first, you will peak her interest.

She won’t be used to having to chase you and when you look back and express interest again, she will have already begun scheming how to get your attention. Doing this rather than staring bug eyed is a much better advantage.

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A strong, confident alpha male will without a doubt present himself with a nice erect posture. If you want to know how to attract women with body language, posture is a key component. A broad shouldered, posture indicates authority and strength to any woman.

What many guys tend to do however is puff up their chest like a rooster and stiffen their neck rather than relaxing the spine. When considering your posture, always insure your spine is in a straight line up through your neck and doesn’t simply end at the neck.

Genital Gesturing

Most guys tend to exaggerate the genital area when prowling for female company. They strut around with their pelvis thrust forward as if to say, “Make room for me and my giant penis!” Yes, women will notice but ultimately your lack of subtlety will become a turn off as you are obviously more into yourself than into her. Generally, these gestures are good but need to be lessened.

Consider instead, standing with your thumbs in your pockets and your fingers pointing down toward your crotch. It is a natural way to stand and the signal slightly hints in that direction without being overt. Another thing you can do is stand with your legs apart in a wider position to indicate the male authority of an alpha male. While you never want to thrust it around, you may slightly show it off without being rude or aggressive.

Ultimately, by learning how to attract women with body language you will be successful in picking up girls and maintaining their attention. Always be mindful of what your body presents. Rather than be bold and obnoxious with these signals, remain subtle and relaxed. This will appeal to her much more and trust me she will be in tune with your every move!

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