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How to Demonstrate You Are of High Status

Have you noticed that women are naturally more attracted to men of high status? If so, you might think that the only hope for you to attract amazing women into your life is to be rich or famous or both. Is this true?

Of course not! You can demonstrate to a woman that you are of high value as well...and you don't have to have a lot of money or a Hollywood agent...

What is High Status Anyway? Does high status have to mean that you're rich or famous? Imagine this: if the most famous person in the United States were to travel to some obscure island in the Pacific where they had no television or radio... how famous would that person be? What good would their American money be?

You see, being of high status is an illusion. It's an illusion which is reinforced by the opinions of the people within your immediate surroundings. For example, you might be of a very high social status when you are at a family reunion in comparison to being in a room full of strangers.

So if you want to demonstrate to someone that you are of high status, there are two things that you can do...

First: Get the "Home Court Advantage"

In sports, having the home-court advantage means that you probably have a larger number of supporting fans and are in familiar surroundings. You can do the same thing in your social life by picking a handful of places and becoming a "regular" at those places.

For example, being a regular at a bar or a club means that you go there so often, that both the staff and the other regular patrons of the bar or club know you by name. In other words, you have made yourself a person of high social status simply because you have attended there more often.

2nd Chance in a relationship

Think about this the next time that you go someplace you've never been to before. How much different would your experience be if you had been going to that same place for the past three years? Would it be easier for you to demonstrate to women who were around you that you are a person of high status?

Of course it would... especially if she was not a regular there herself! You could take her around and TIP: Go out and find two or three places that you can become a "regular" at. Make sure that they are places where you have plenty of qualified women to choose from.

Second: Build Relationships in Your "Home Court".

Once you have established where you are going to have your "home-court advantage," start building relationships with people who are there often. The best place to start is with the staff, since they are guaranteed to be there more often and are more likely to be friendly.

Learn people's names and at least one interesting detail about them. Make sure that you're courteous to the staff and that you tip them well. Also, make sure that you mention the members of the staff that you already know when you meet a new staff member.

This will help them to realize that you are familiar with the other staff members, and will help you demonstrate higher status to them. Practice this with consistency and patience, and begin becoming familiar with the other regulars as well.

Within just a few short weeks, it will be easy for you to demonstrate to any woman that you meet in that place that you are a man of high status.

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