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How to Make a Woman Laugh

If you don’t already know it, the best way to any woman’s heart is to make her laugh. The reason is laughter triggers the release of endorphins which are the feel good chemicals in our body.

They create a sense of well being and can even relieve pain. Laughter can also create a bond of intimacy through shared joy and happiness.

It releases stress and strengthens the immune system. It’s no wonder many guys who are successful at relationships and dating have learned the techniques for how to make a woman laugh.

If you think about it, you are not only advocating healing but can enhance your social life full fold.

In order to unleash your potential and open up the heart of any woman you will need to learn a few of these tricks to get her laughing. Check out these dating tips for men to get success with women.

Deliver and Punch

As any comedian can attest, the most important part of humor is the delivery and the punch line. Whatever your joke is, it can be more affective and funnier with a proper delivery. To do this you want to build your joke. Don’t go all out goofy on her from the beginning, waving your hands around and elevating your voice.

Instead, keep her intrigued by speaking slowly and building the impact. When you get to the punch line, always pause first. This will build the anticipation and insure she is listening and ready to laugh. It’s almost like giving her a green light to be ready for laughter.

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It’s okay to have prepared jokes here and there but the funniest guys are the ones who can think on their feet. If you can come up with random funny moments which are obviously not calculated or memorized, she will see you as much more inventive and intelligent. Besides, you don’t want to be a class clown and seem as though your time is spent reading joke books to pick up girls.

Making Fun

Another way to learn how to make a woman laugh is to make fun of her, other people or yourself. This must be done gracefully however as you don’t want to come across as a jerk. In order to make fun of her in a good way, pick something out which is obviously not true.

For example, if she is slender and athletic you can say, “Oh yes, I see you just eat soooo many Twinkies.” If you are concerned she misunderstood, clarify by saying, “How do you stay so thin?”

Probably one of the best tricks is self deprecation and making fun of your self. This will immediately relax her and help her feel like she is with a real person willing to put himself out on a limb for her.


If you can accomplish a good impersonation now and then you will be on a roll with the ladies. Impersonations are hilarious because they are so difficult to do. It truly takes guts to portray the voice, characteristics and mannerisms of another person.

Women find this appealing and in many ways feel connected more to a man who is willing to share of himself in this way. It is a brave and fun thing to do and she will not only appreciate it but will admire your talent.

Learning how to make a woman laugh comes with practice. The important thing to remember is always begin your first impressions with laughter and joy. Save the serious, deep stuff for later on in the dating game. Women love to laugh and feel connected this way. Practice joking around with strangers or at home until you begin to feel confident in your style.

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