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How to Make a Woman Swoon Over YOU

We often see it in those cheesy romantic historical flicks where the prospective female falls head over heals for her male counterpart and literally faints at his feet.

Most guys roll their eyes at this type of silly, feminine showing but what if there was a way to learn how to make a woman swoon over YOU?

Well, there is such a way and it doesn’t require Hollywood credits or a James Dean haircut. Follow this advice and the ladies will not only line up but will be completely overcome with desire in your presence every time.

Creating Chemistry

Although chemistry between a man and woman is unique and either works or doesn’t; there is a way to turn it up a notch when the pairing seems ideal. Heating up the chemical interactions between you will definitely help you to have her flushed and fanning herself; Gone with the Wind style.

• Touching

Enticing her with subtle touches will help ignite her passion for you. The key word however is subtle as anything too bold or grandiose will ultimately turn her off. Think of every action as a form of foreplay. Touching should be simple but involve your energy interacting with hers in a physical way.

Brushing a strand of hair off her cheek or stroking her hand with small circles are flirtatious gestures which will make her heart begin to quicken and her pulse elevate. Other forms of appropriate touching to increase her adrenaline in a good way include: rubbing her back, placing your hand on her leg, tickling her neck, brushing your lips against her ear or neck without actually kissing, and standing close behind her but barely touching.

• Speaking

What you say to her will go a long way in creating visual ideas in her minds eye. Especially those so called whispers of sweet nothings which suggest but never tell. Compliments are a great way to get a woman to fall for you on the spot, especially if they are specific and unique compliments rather than ones which are common or cliché.

Giving her subtle sexual hints will heat her up so long as they are not crudely stated. Saying something like, “The things I would like to make you feel” is a better statement than “The things I would like to do to you” as one suggests you are going to make her feel good rather than gratify yourself.

The way you speak is also going to give her either a positive or negative reaction. Speaking slowly with confidence is much better than a nervous or loud manner. Whispering is especially ideal as it allows you to breathe heat against her skin which physically stimulates her senses.

• Body Language

If you want to know how to make a woman swoon over YOU; learn to be the alpha guy in the room. Your ability to showcase a confident, dominant self will give you the attention of most women as they are all programmed to seek this out. To have strong body language, consider doing these things:

-Take up space when you are in a room
-Control conversations without being overly aggressive or domineering
-Be relaxed and easy going
-Don’t cross your body or legs
-Never cross your crotch
-Have erect posture and keep your head up
-Maintain direct eye contact
-Don’t be afraid to be bold
-Act as though you own the room
-Don’t give anyone too much attention as the attention is yours

By following these tips and tricks, you should ultimately have women ignited by your presence wherever you go. Learning how to make a woman swoon over YOU is all about confidence and chemistry. By developing control over these two qualities, you will have women falling at your feet for attention.

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