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How to Meet Any Woman Without Rejection

Are you still worried about meeting women because of the possibility of rejection? If so, you might not be satisfied with hearing that the only way to avoid rejection is to avoid talking to women.

But is there a way to really meet any woman without rejection? If you're curious about this and looking for the magic answer, then you'll be interested in hearing this...

A Lesson from the Salesman

If you want to make absolutely sure that a woman doesn't reject you when you ask her out, you have to get her to say either "yes" or "no" before you actually ask her. I know it sounds impossible, but it's something that salespeople have learned to do quite easily using something called "upfront contracts."

Basically put, an upfront contract is getting an agreement from someone that they are prepared to purchase or not to purchase. For example, when a salesperson's goes on appointment to present their product, they will confirm the appointment by asking a question like:

"Mr. Smith, at the end of our presentation you'll be invited to make a purchase that something you'll be prepared to do?"

The salesperson then listens for more than a yes or no answer. Most of the time, people are not honest in the words they speak, but they are honest in the WAY that they speak them.

So the sales person listens to the tone of the person's voice and the conviction with which they answer the question to determine the person's interest level.

This way, the salesperson can determine the person's inclination to say yes before they bother asking for the sale. But can you use this kind of approach in meeting women?

Of course!

fireworks with females succes with picking up girls

Reading Between the Lines

In an earlier e-mail, we talked about how to determine a woman's interest level in you before you actually asked her out.

For example, by asking questions like: "So what do you do for fun?" or "What are you doing on ___?" or "Have you ever been to ___?" you can judge by the tone of a woman's response and by her body language whether or not she is interested in going out with you.

These are similar to the upfront contracts which are used by salespeople to determine a person's interest level before they ask the "closing question." You can also use a similar strategy to determine a woman's interest level before you approach her:

Select your "target" and wait until she looks over at you. When she sees you looking back, she'll usually look away (even if she's interested). Communication experts tell us that when a person looks away and downward (or sometimes to the side) at the same time, there's a possibility of interest.

You then wait to see if she looks back at you within 45 seconds or less. If she does, and then looks away in the same manner as before, she's open to you approaching her. If she smiles, she's VERY open to it.

Then you're safe to make the approach without having to worry about rejection...

Approaching Her

Of course, it is still possible to blow the approach if you "creep her out". When you walk towards her, don't walk in a direct line or stare her down as you're approaching her. Instead, approach her indirectly and keep her guessing as to whether you are actually coming to talk to her.


As long as your approach is natural and friendly, and if you smile and make eye contact with her you're sure to have a good experience and to be safe from rejection from the ladies.

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