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Attracting Women: Reading the Body Language Signals

Women are mysterious and complicated creatures and sometimes their allure can be confusing to men. If you want to begin attracting women: reading the body language signals is the first goal.

Once you perceive a female and her general state of mind you can begin to counter accordingly to help them feel more comfortable.

Women are always interested most in how a guy makes them feel. Learning these secrets will give you an edge over your fellow comrades.

Here is a list of the top 10 body language signs women will give you. If you notice any of these signals from her, you may proceed with the correct counter.

Sign #1: She’s stroking, twirling or touching her hair.

Generally this means she is flirting or knows she is attractive.

Counter: Make a move. Lean in and whisper in her ear or grab her hand. Tell her she is attractive.

Sign #2: She’s looking at the ground while she walks or talks.

She has a low self esteem and cannot meet your gaze.

Counter: Compliment her. Boost her ego and her confidence.

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Sign #3 Her hands are palms up/open hands.

Her defenses are down, she has an open heart.

Counter: Be real and warm and equally open. Ask her out.

Sign #4: She is folding her arms or crossing her chest or legs.

This could be a sign of a defensive nature, rejection, stubborn or cold.

Counter: First, ask if they are cold. If not determine what you said that may have bothered them and apologize. Otherwise, try and lighten the mood with lighthearted communication.

Sign #5: She is running her hand along legs.

Usually means really interested sexually in the other person or getting ready to get up or leave.

Counter: Lean in. If they don’t get up but lean in as well, you know they are attracted.

Sign #6: Her hips are tilted.

Sign of attraction and flirtation.

Counter: Flirt back. Show signs of affection by touching her either on her hand, arm or shoulder.

Sign #7: Her feet are under her chair; she’s leaning forward.

This is a sign of eagerness.

Counter: Keep enjoying the conversation, it’s going well

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Sign #8: Her legs are shaking, bouncing.

Sign of apprehension or nerves.

Counter: Go for a walk. Stop pestering her with questions. Buy her a drink. Try and help her feel comfortable.

Sign #9: Her feet or legs are in an open position.

Feet – reflecting, giving attention, Legs – receptive

Counter: Compliment her; ask her out, she likes you.

Sign #10: She is looking around.

Boredom, disinterest.

Counter: Ask her if she would like you to change the subject or simply move on.

By noticing female signs you will become an expert at attracting women: reading the body language signals. Be sure to pay attention and look for repeated gestures before determining the meaning. Sometimes women offer mixed signals so you want to be sure you are clear on the direction of her signals.

Pay attention to women all around you and you will begin to notice the nuances of body language. The more you observe the better you will be at reading people in general and moving forward with relationship quests.

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