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Using Music to Attract Women

Can you use music to attract women? The answer is an emphatic yes. Ever wondered why men who know how to play at least one instrument seem to get all the girls at will?

When it comes to attracting women, music is your best friend.  Truthfully speaking, there’s something unexplainable about that guy that plays guitar, or drums, or sings, that makes women go crazy.

Let’s just say that music is the language of love. Even before you ever meet him, you’re already lovers with a guy who plays music. So, if you’re a man and you’re trying to figure out how to get your next girl, simply pick up an instrument and start playing.

A guitar is one instrument that particularly stands out, so we’ll focus on that in the remainder of this article.

There’s no doubt that it takes talent to play a guitar, and guess what, women love men with talent. Even at amateur level, playing a guitar is still talent. One of the basic rules of attraction is having skill. Note that according to these rules, any skill would do as long as it is something that not every guy can do. The beauty with a guitar is that it meets all three rules.

Here are some of the reasons why knowing how to play the guitar will draw women to you in droves.

• Once again, knowing how to play the guitar, even at amateur level, shows that you have talent, and girls love talent, so you’ll be on the right road.

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• Secondly, we all know that girls love to talk, and they love to talk about their men when with friends. So if you play the guitar, you will give a girl something to talk about you with her friends. Remember, if her friends approve of you, she approves of you too. Never underestimate the power of female validation, so keep this in mind as you polish up your guitar skills.

• Playing a guitar (or any musical instrument) makes conversation with a girl easier. Regardless of whether you’re on a first date or a few dates into a relationship, bringing up the topic of a guitar is an awesome thing for your conversation.

It is an easy and great topic of conversation and, no matter what type of woman you’re with, once you bring up the topic of guitar, they will be all ears. It’s a nice way to avoid those dreadful silent moments.

• You don’t need to say much. This is one of the biggest reasons you should learn to play an instrument. Think about this: when you’re playing an instrument like a guitar, you’re the center of attention. People simply listen to your music and you don’t need to talk. Just play the guitar and your woman will be amazed.

• And finally, playing an instrument makes you very sexy, more so a guitar. And it doesn’t matter how you look, your height or bank balance. You automatically become a male sex object once you start whipping that guitar.

Remember, any instrument will do – a piano or a harp will work great too. So go out and learn how to play an instrument today.

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