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Confidence: To Date You Must Not Be Shy

Do you find yourself often saying, “I won’t ever get a date; I don’t know how to get a date or I’m not dating material?” If this sounds similar to your internal mind tricks, you have most likely given up on trying to approach women.

By protecting your fragile self through negative thoughts centered on self doubt, you are creating an added element of shyness simply through limited experience.

The problem is confidence – to date you must not be shy!

But I am Shy!

Sure you are. There are also other shy people out there waiting to meet their other half. Yet how will you ever make their acquaintance if you don’t step up to the plate? The bottom line is, until you open up a little, you will never have success obtaining dates let alone meet your true love. Shyness is nothing more than magnified insecurity. Your goal should be how to address your timidity and courageously overcome this trait.

How to undo Shyness

To begin, by introducing more confidence into your personality will ultimately diminish your shy attributes. This will take time but in the long run you will not only attract dates but improve your social life as well. In order to do this you will need to expose yourself to new and scary activities which test your boundaries.

Try taking a class such as acting or ballroom dancing; anything to force those on the spot moments. By challenging yourself in social settings you will begin to see your level of confidence grow. Eventually you will realize your shyness only hid you from your true self.

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Now, no one is expecting you to go from extremely shy to crazy exhibitionist! This is not your true nature and would most likely be a false persona. Stepping outside of your boundaries and doing the things you would like to do but don’t because you are shy is the general idea.

What is Confidence?

Confidence is an air of strength and self love. It is not to be confused with arrogance or authority. Confidence within someone is expressed through openness, positive candor and the ability to lead. While this may seem a far cry from the person you are it is possible to transform yourself rather quickly.

To gain confidence to talk to women, you must not be shy. Try looking at your thought patterns. The small voices which whisper to you your worth can have a major impact on your confidence. By transitioning into more self loving thoughts, praise, offering self encouragement, you will stop the negative affects of shyness and low self esteem.

Also, consider focusing on other people for a change. Quit analyzing your every move, every action and judging yourself with each step. Observe people around you. Begin involving yourself in the lives of others and stop selfishly indulging in your own personality deficiencies. You will be surprised how quickly you will open up when your thoughts are not centered on yourself.

Although it is true with confidence to date you must not be shy, if you slowly and patiently work on yourself, you will find more people will be attracted to you. As you set goals for self improvement, you will surprise even yourself with your transformation and ability to be a likeable and engaging individual. Not to mention your love life will improve as you have opened the door to allowing others within your range.

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how to be irresistible to women

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