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Creating Intimacy With Women Through Self Disclosure

The secret to an intimate relationship is the unveiling of self and removing the walls which most individuals have.

Creating intimacy with women through self disclosure will not only bring a more honest and open partnership; it will also establish trust in the long run.

Also, women will be more prone to open up both sexually and emotionally if they have a trustworthy partner who shares their passions.

Women and Feelings

Unlike men, women are based in emotion. They naturally share, divulge and express their every feeling and therefore inevitably create vulnerability. When a man learns to express his feelings and share his secrets, a woman can feel balanced rather than insecure. This mutual trust provides a solid foundation for building a relationship that is lasting.

Men and Sharing

Most men don’t enjoy sharing much of their daily troubles, feelings or emotions. It isn’t because they have to be tough so much as men are logical and emotional energies are a waste of time which could be spent doing more practical things. That being said, there is a huge amount of healing and closeness which can be created if you can learn about creating intimacy with women through self disclosure.

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What is appropriate?

In creating intimacy with women through self disclosure it is helpful to figure out what topics would be appropriate to discuss in order to create this closeness. Consider some of the following ideas:

• Skeletons in the closet

Every person has a few skeletons or past things which haunt them. By sharing these secrets you are giving a woman an opportunity to accept you for who you are and also creating a foundation wherein she may also share hers.

• Hopes and Fears

Talking about your dreams for the future or your worries and concerns will open up a dialogue between you and your partner. Everyone has worries and just because you talk about them doesn’t make them more prominent.

In fact by expressing the things that bother you, you can begin to undo the negative thought patterns which may be prominent. Reversely, by highlighting your hopes, you are opening up and sharing things you want to happen with someone. This means you now have someone who may or may not hold you accountable for your own dreams.

• Past Pain or Trauma

The past can haunt many people and so often men carry these traumas around without ever dealing with them. A woman makes it easy to divulge the areas in your life where you may need assistance or encouragement. This is one of the highlights of female company. Women naturally know how to tend towards emotional need and there is no shame in allowing your heart to be a little bare.

Sometimes it is the most difficult topics and secrets which open us up once exposed. The strongest relationships are built on a foundation of friendship and trust. Women in particular will feel more connected and more willing to offer intimacy if their guy will allow them inside. Creating intimacy with women through self disclosure will ultimately bring you both towards one another.

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