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Dammitt - Why is She Losing Interest?

It's the worst of the worst when it comes to your dating life: You make an amazing connection with a woman. You have a few great dates (or conversations)...

You're all excited about taking things to the next level and then...

...She's not returning your calls as much. Or perhaps she is, but the fire seems to be dying.

How can that be? You start frantically searching your interactions and trying to find out where you went wrong.


DAMN! She's losing interest and about to become the "one that got away!" Is there anything that you can do to stop this? There is, and it's easier than you might think...but it takes a complete mindset change...

Do You Need Her to Be Interested?

Neediness is death to any momentum you might have with a woman. The more you need a woman to be interested in you, the faster she'll lose interest. Why do you think you start losing her interest and it seems like everything you do to try and keep it has the opposite effect? It's because it DOES!

It tells her that you NEED to have her interested in you! The funny thing about interest from women is that the more you want it, the less of it you'll have. So what do you do? Pretend that you don't care?

No, you can't pretend. You have to actually NOT care if she's interested in you or not. The more you think about whether a woman is interested, the more wound up you'll get in analyzing every little word and trying to dig meaning out of it. Women can smell this like a shark smells blood...and it's a HUGE turn off.

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You have to make a decision that you aren't going to care if she's interested or not, and you have to follow that line of thinking until it becomes a habit. How?

The Ultimate Choice: Scarcity or Abundance

If you want to keep a woman's interest, you have to put a higher value on yourself and develop the belief (which is based on the exact truth) that attractive single women are a dime a dozen. There's an abundance of options, and if one woman is not interested....another will come along pretty soon.

And the sooner you "get this," the sooner those women will come into your life, the more interested they'll be and the less you'll need to worry about whether one of them is interested in you.

On the other hand, you can choose the scarcity mindset: that there's only one "right woman" for you and that if you miss her you'll "never have another chance again."

This is a certain way to crush your confidence and to immerse yourself in a needy mindset. The reality is that there are probably millions of women in the world that you would meet and absolutely go mad over. And if things didn't work out with any one of them, there would be another.

There is an abundance of amazing women in the world. So much that sometimes I wish I had several lives to live instead of one. Thinking that there is only one out there, or meeting a woman and thinking that she's "the one" will only breed a scarcity mindset that kills her interest.

If you want to keep woman's interest by doing all the things we've been talking about in these emails, start RIGHT NOW to choose abundance and to not care if she's interested or not.

As soon as you do, you'll wonder why you didn't start thinking this way a long time ago.

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