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Dangerous Sex Mistakes

Men and sex are inseparable, unless of course you are very unfortunate to have some sort of condition that bars you from doing it.

There’s no denying men’s sex drive shoots through the roof compared to women’s, but many times, the desire to meet that natural urge may cause you to make regrettable mistakes that could even drive the love of your life away for good.

In this article we’ll discuss some of the most common sex mistakes men make.

Too much focus on physical techniques

From a man’s perspective, pleasing a woman has everything to do with physical qualities. We tend to imagine that pleasing a woman is about how heavy your thrusts are, or how hard you rub your tongue when you go down on her. Big mistake!

For a woman, pleasing her is more psychological than physical technique, and most importantly, once you get it wrong from the start, it doesn’t matter how hard you thrust her against the wall. In any case, you’re more likely to end up frustrating her than pleasing her. You only need to do one thing; arouse her psychologically and the rest will be easier than you thought.

Being too nice

Did you ever notice that women’s sexual fantasies are never about nice, respectful, polite and emotional guys? Women are immensely attracted to men with a ‘dangerous streak’, ‘bad boys’ so to speak.

Being nice and polite to a woman will never get her aroused because it doesn’t make them feel that powerful gut level sexual attraction. It definitely doesn’t make a lot of sense that a woman would find a man who treats her nice and is polite unattractive, but that’s how it is.

the master plan

Persuading her to have sex with you

Most dating books advise men to ask for more sex if they feel they’re not getting enough; that all you need to do is communicate more with your girlfriend. That is a myth.

If you want to have more sex with your girlfriend, stop persuading her and start giving her consistent organisms. Short of that, any type of communication will be vain.

Ignoring other parts and focusing on her breasts and vagina

Most women complain about the ‘standard male sequence’ in bed, which basically reads like some sort of instructional manual: kiss her a bit, touch her breasts until she’s somewhat aroused, stimulate her vagina and then race for intercourse.

The truth is that a woman has got sixteen erogenous parts on her body. If you don’t know what these parts are, find out because if you’re only stimulating her breasts and vagina, you’re leaving out the other 90 percent.

Not giving her an organism before intercourse

A lot of guys think that they can make a woman climax with intercourse. While this is true, it is only a handful of men who can pull this feat, and depending on a number of factors.

What you ought to know is that for a woman, the first orgasm is always the hardest. Once you have given her the first, the second, third, fourth and possibly fifth will easily follow. It is very hard to achieve the first orgasm through intercourse, so try to please her in other ways before she gets bored with your sex and finds someone who can please her.

These are some of the sex mistakes you want to avoid and become a better guy in bed.

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