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Dating Ideas from Inexpensive to Expensive

Not sure where to go on your next date? Perhaps it is a special celebration or you simply want to find the perfect place within your budget.

Regardless of the occasion, here are some terrific fun dating ideas from inexpensive to expensive to help you plan a good time.

Inexpensive Dates

Dating shouldn’t always be an extravagant affair nor break the bank. First dates and general dates should be casual and easy on the pocketbook.

Take a good look at these terrific and fun ideas which will cost little to no money.

• Breakfast in Bed Date
• Hiking
• Rollerblading
• Casual Dinner
• Wedding Receptions
• Thrift or Antique Store Hopping
• Outdoor Festivals
• Zoo
• Candlelit Dinner at Home
• Park Picnic
• Surprise Bath and Massage Night at Home
• Karaoke
• Bowling
• Ice Skating
• Coffee/Desert Café
• Snowman Building and Hot Cocoa
• Charades/Game Night w/friends
• Clubs/Dancing
• Rodeo
• Local Fair or Carnival
• Drive In Movie
• Work Parties
• Volunteer Usher and Watch a Play

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The best advice for an inexpensive date is to find out what the other person enjoys. If they enjoy boating and you can’t afford to lease a yacht, shoot for a fun glass bottom ride or rent a canoe on a romantic river. If you want to go out to dinner but can’t afford gourmet cuisine, try for a small, hidden place which is cozy and romantic but not highly priced.

Sometimes the small dives are the best and also speak highly of your openness and creativity. Avoid chain restaurants which are not very clever and don’t offer much atmosphere. The trick with impressing a date on little money is to be creative.

The more you research and find local activities, the better luck you will have saving money. There are always things happening in town. Another option is to join a mailing list which offers discounted prices on typically expensive events. Theater companies often offer free seating to anyone willing to usher.

If you have a good relationship with your date, I’m sure they would enjoy this. Be yourself and don’t exaggerate and your dates will go smoothly, even on a small budget.

Moderate to Expensive Dates

There may be occasions where you may want to create a special memory or celebrate a special day. Below are fantastic recommendations for luxury and/or memorable affairs.

• Cruise
• Cozy Log Cabin Rental
• Amusement Park
• Casino Trip
• Dance Class
• Weekend Getaway
• Bed and Breakfast
• Canoe or Kayak Trip
• Scuba Diving
• Sky Diving
• Five Star Restaurant
• Concert
• Theater or Musical Show
• Live Comedy
• Mystery Dinner Theater
• Vacation Abroad
• Shopping Spree
• Bar Hopping
• Catered Rooftop Dinner Surprise
• Sundance Film Festival
• Big City Trip (NYC, LA, Chicago, etc.)

The cost of your date will be dependent on the occasion and desire for luxury. Obviously when planning dating ideas from inexpensive to expensive, always keep in mind it is not the amount you spend but the level of thought and preparation which makes it a special event. If you need more ideas, check out this article on Inexpensive And Fun Places for Dates.

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