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5 Tips to Dating Older Women

The pairing of younger men with older women is not so uncommon today. Holly wood is filled with real life examples of how this intimate coupling can be a reality.

In fact AARP conducted a study in 2003 which concluded that thirty-four percent of over 40’s women were dating men younger.

Thirty-five percent preferred it to dating men their own age or older. If you are in this category, here are 5 tips to dating older women should this type of romance suit your tastes.

Cougars Don’t Make Domestic Pets

Guys, you all know the cougar or predatory feline type right? Sure you do and most likely that is exactly what you’re looking for; an older sex kitten with the experience to match your libido. Women hit their sexual peak much later than men which is why many younger guys are attracted to these pheromone flying creatures.

Some words of advice…don’t fall for your cougar! While age gaps can often work in relationships; they generally don’t bode well when you’ve got a cougar lady on your hands. Chances are she’s only in it for the spontaneous gratification your youth offers her; nothing more. Don’t invest too much heart in these feisty gals but certainly expect fun!

Never Discuss the Age Difference

While most men know, discussing a woman’s age at a certain point is a no-no; this is especially the case when dating an older female. She may be already a tad self conscious about “robbing the cradle” so to speak and having you point it out will diminish any chemistry you have brewing.

Instead treat her as you would any attractive, smart, young woman. She will be eating it up and you will certainly be rewarded for your good behavior.

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Intelligent Dating

An older woman is probably not the type to want to go extreme rock climbing or on a hike through the Amazon jungle. This is an assumption of course and may not be true in every case. She also may not be interested in ladies night at the local college club where she has to compete against perfect bodied, youthful girls.

If you are serious about her, consider a more cultural or intellectual approach. Take her to see a new Indy Film or wine tasting on a vineyard trail. Charity balls, art galleries and plays are also grown-up ideas for dating older women. Impress her with your mind as she is most likely already physically attracted to your youth.

The Past

Whatever you do, avoid discussing her past as much as possible. At least wait until she feels comfortable enough to open up. Drilling her on whether she has children, ex-husbands or her medical history will only make her feel older. Discussing her past only reminds her of the world of difference the two of you have, experience wise.

Be Open Sexually

It is no myth that older women know how to handle themselves under the covers. They have simply had many more sexual encounters and are more in tune with their bodies than younger women. Out of all the 5 tips for dating older women, this one is the most important and most rewarding. Give her the reigns.

She will gladly take the lead in this area of expertise and all you have to do is be open and keep up. Trust me, she not only knows how to please a man but also how to help you satisfy her. It will be a nice relief for you to not have to play the guessing game which often comes with a younger female.

By following these 5 tips to dating older women, you should be able to have a successful romance which can either be fun for awhile or last a lifetime.

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