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Bad Gifts to Avoid Giving Your Lady

Although it is true, all women enjoy the thoughtfulness of a gift, it is possible to shoot yourself in the foot by giving an inappropriate gift.

In this dating tips article, we will discuss the top 4 bad gifts to avoid giving your lady.

1. The Wrong Sized Clothing

If you want to purchase a nice, new outfit, it is imperative you know her exact size. Women are extremely sensitive about their body and weight, especially if they feel less than perfect.

If you buy something too small, she will become insecure and feel fat. If you purchase something too big, she will believe you think she is overweight or larger than she is. Either way you lose so be sure you have her proportions correct to avoid any insecure tears.

Consider purchasing a brand of clothing she already owns and taking a look at the label before hand. Also, try for a gift certificate to Victoria Secret, a one size fits all luxurious robe or arrange for a special custom fitting for an outfit made by her favorite designer.

2. Television or Game Consoles

A guy should never buy something for a girl which is obviously meant for himself. Even if you have a girlfriend who loves gaming or watching movies, she will not be appreciative of this boyish gesture.

Ultimately, women want thoughtful, romantic gifts which point towards femininity. Chocolate, flowers, perfume and jewelry are better options.

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3. Tickets to Your Favorite Sporting Event

They may be box seats and it may be the playoffs but when it comes to gifts a girl will not be as excited knowing you purchased your dream seats and not hers. Besides, could you be less conventional?

Try stepping outside the box; how about theater tickets to a touring Broadway show or her favorite band? Give her a night she will remember not one you wish to have. Also, beer and peanuts are simply not all that romantic!

4. Kitchen Appliances or Cleaning Equipment

Just because she cooks and cleans for you doesn’t mean it is her favorite thing to do in the whole world. Guys, you may like tools for your workshop but women do not enjoy new elements to aid her in her chores.

Although she may enjoy cooking, purchasing gadgets for the kitchen or a new vacuum is simply practical and gifts should be anything but practical. These gifts are okay as a thoughtful gesture but not for a special occasion. After all, if she needs household supplies, she should be able to pick them up herself.

Instead of reminding her of her job as a wife and mother, help her take the apron off for a day and treat her to something special. Most women love to be pampered but feel guilty spending money on themselves.

Pick up a gift certificate at a day spa for a facial or body wrap. You can even get romantic and book a massage for two appointment. By going with her, she will feel less guilty and enjoy the moment with you.

There are plenty of bad gifts to avoid giving your lady but the best ones are always the most thoughtful. In giving a woman the perfect gift, take time getting to know the little things she likes. Avoid practicality or purchasing something you personally would value. Alternatively, give her a well planned personalized gift that says you know her better than anyone else.

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