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Boost Your Social Value With Ladies

Let's face it: women love guys with high status. They're suckers for the alpha-male types that don't give a damn about what others think of them.

It's that "X-factor" that makes girls melt in their seats and gets them all hot and bothered.

In PUA circles, players refer to this as social value, a commodity worth GOLD in the field. It's this mysterious, seemingly intangible quality that all AFCs strive to have, but end up scratching their heads trying to chase after it.

But don't get your inner pantywaist all worked up. I'll be cluing you in on the basics of going from "anonymous chump" to "who is THAT guy??"

But first, let's get a preliminary question out of the way...


Well first of all, not having this is like going on a long drive without passing by the gas station to fill up. In the same way, going into the scene without a trace of status is pure SUICIDE.

Not only will you be stuck in uncharted territory, you'll be making an ass of yourself in short order. You have to appreciate the fact that humans, even during these modern times are still compelled, no - HARDWIRED - to follow behavioral patterns encoded into our DNA thousands of years ago.

In the olden times, women learned to align themselves with men who are able protect and take care of them. If you couldn't hunt for your daily meals or build that bonfire, then you're pretty much useless.

 Now, while those same exact traits might not apply to today's standards, the same spirit of those desirable qualities lives on. In present society, survival value have modern equivalents, such as leading other guys, keeping bullies from beating up your brothers, or being able to loan money to your broke friend.

In short, people may have evolved in many ways, but our underlying social dynamics are still deeply rooted in the same logic that goes way back. That simply means that women as a whole are driven to seek men who are strong in some way, even if they aren't necessarily looking for a long-term commitment.

As such, you damn well better have the social value that they want. If not, you won't have a chance in winning over any of those gorgeous women you seek to be with. You're off to the sidelines, watching those high-value males sweep your dream girl off her feet.

But don't despair. Social value can be cultivated to your advantage, so rest easy as I give you a run-through of the two most effective ways to jumpstart your dating life.

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#1: Lay off the validation

PUAs refer to the art of pick-up as a game because in many ways, interacting with the opposite sex is a system built on a natural rhythm. You have to know how to go with the flow of the game in order to win it.

That's why experienced guys swear by a basic principle when it comes to attracting women: don't kiss her ass.

Let's face it - while women can be wonderful creatures to be around with, they have the equal potential for ego-beating if you let them. This is especially true for high-value women who are aware of their status.

They reassure themselves of their feminine power by making short work of guys that try getting on their good side. These suckers will do everything short of rolling over and playing dead.

It can get even worse for some who "reward" these clueless guys with crumbs of attention and then ditching them afterwards.

Chances are, you've seen this happen - or heaven forbid - tried it yourself. Here's a classic example...

Guy says hi to hot girl, guy buys her a drink, and they make some petty chit-chat. Girl finishes her drink, politely excuses herself and re-joins her friends to dissect her latest victim.

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Let's not BS ourselves here. OF COURSE you like her, that's why you're approaching her in the first place. But are you initiating the interaction in a NEEDY or CREEPY way?

Once she knows that you're sucking up, it tells her that you're selling yourself, and that gives her all the power in the world over you.

A guy with social value never tries to prove his worth. In fact, he knows that it's suicide to ask for her approval through drinks, compliments and so on.

Look, you're more than welcome to do all that once she's fallen for you, but dealing your best cards early on in the game will leave you NO leverage to seal the deal.

#2: Playful, not pitiful!

That's why high-value guys hold back on the attention and validation by reversing the traditional script. The usual pattern is to prove yourself, so the smart PUA reverses this order.

How does this happen? They replace groveling with playful flirting. When you flirt, you're telling them, "I'm here to have fun and don't really care if you respond positively or not."

And you really shouldn't care. When you build up the interaction into something you really have to succeed at, then it's important to you.

When she senses that it's important to you, then you've already blown the approach because you've just lowered your social value.

In fact, you can care so less to the point of making fun of her in a seemingly off-hand (but not belittling) way. If you're in a club and approach the girl who appears to be the most popular in the area, say something like "What else do you have going aside from your looks?"

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Not only will you have her full attention, she'll unknowingly give chase. You've now created an opportunity for a back and forth exchange of verbal wordplay without lowering your social value.

So now she'll have to justify her own value by proving you wrong. After all, you just demonstrated backbone by not placing importance on the one iota of power she has over other guys.

Of course, the smart PUA won't take the bait and casually dismiss her answers with a comment like, "Hmmm, really?", and then launching into a prepared routine.

That's pretty damn cocky, right? You've just leveled the playing field by subtly (well not really) convincing her to prove herself to you, and not the other way around. She'll be thinking "Who does this guy think he is? I'll show him."

Women absolutely LOVE it when a man can take her crap and give it right back. That sense of cockiness keeps your dignity intact by not having to use it as a bargaining chip in the game.

Of course no one gets this right the first time, but I still have to warn you with the style of your humor and flirting.

Be playful, but not insulting. Be feisty, but never play around with the possibility of violence. The whole point is to get a woman to play with you, not to crush her dignity or smack her around.

Otherwise, mean-spirited insults or jokes about punching her will raise that red flag and take you OUT of the game.

It's funny to think how the desire to be with an attractive woman contrasts so sharply with the urge to run away from her. Conquer your fear of approaching girls through baby steps.

Get used to greeting everyone you run into throughout the day, whether it's the guy who delivers your morning paper or the striking receptionist at work. Work your way up by starting conversations when the opportunity presents itself.

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Try this for about a couple of weeks to numb you to the fear of initiating a conversation. Once you're comfortable enough, you can move to casually approaching women in particular.

One thing though - a good approach never seems premeditated nor should it look like you're hovering about. Both of those things are social value killers. The operative word here is "nonchalant", and remember that when you're out on the field.

Don't think that you have to make her laugh or get her number right then and there. All you need to do is to gradually learn how to embed flirting in your conversations.

If you're thinking, "I HAVE to get this right!" you will have already undermined your social worth and lead to failure.

Keep the play-by-play analysis on hold until AFTER the chit-chat is done. Once the conversation is over, ask yourself:

"What should I have I said/done differently?"

"Did I convey enough social value?"

I know how paralyzing fear can be; however, the gradual process of coming out of one's shell is a very effective strategy for shy guys to meet women. Expect a lot of botched approaches so don't take it personally as you learn from your mistakes.

Think of it as accumulating field experience which will continuously refine and improve your game as you go along.

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