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Great Conversation Starters

Have you ever seen an amazingly attractive woman and you have no idea what to say to her or how to start a conversation? Interesting isn't it?

You spend your whole life talking, yet you're reduced to a bumbling clod every time you try to start a conversation with a woman you are interested in.

If you're ready to put a stop to this madness, here are eight conversation starters you can use as early as today...

#1 Ask for Fashion Advice

Honestly, this might be the only thing that you need when it comes to starting conversations with women. Most women are very interested in fashion, and just about all of them believe themselves to be knowledgeable about it. Especially when it comes to giving advice to OTHER are a few opening questions you can use:

"Do you think round or square tip shoes are better on men?"

"What's the first piece of clothing you look at on a man?"

"If I were to tell you I was going to a date...what would you recommend that I wear?"

#2 Name Origins

This is a super way to start a conversation with a woman as soon as you learn her name: ask her what her name means. If she doesn't know, this would be a great opportunity to impress her by telling her.

Of course, you'll need to do your homework for this one, but the more you use it the more knowledgeable you'll get and the more interesting conversations you'll be able to start with everyone.

TIP: Learn the meaning and origin of your name, because she'll probably ask you.

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#3 Places

Most men will ask a woman where she is from, which is perfectly fine. But it's not very good for starting a meaningful conversation. Instead, ask her if she's ever traveled to other countries or out of the state or country that she's in. Most people only travel to places they are interested in, so this will be a way for you to find out more about her interests.

#4 People

This one can be kind of fun if you do it right: find out what kinds of people she's interested in. Now, of course, it sounds dumb to ask women this direct question, so here's a creative way to do it: find a popular movie and ask her if she's seen it yet, then ask her what her favorite character was.

This can be an interesting question because the reason she liked the character will tell you a lot about the characteristics she likes in real people.

#5 Interests

This is so easy it's ridiculous: ask her what she's interested in and what she does for fun. Sound too obvious to state? Well remember, most men (and women for that matter) are only interested in speaking about the things they're interested in. When they do ask someone else about their interests, they usually don't listen very well.

You can set yourself apart from this majority by actually asking her what her interests are, and REALLY listen when she tells you.

TIP: Always ask "why" based questions when you're discussing someone else's interests. It helps you to learn more about their motives and get to know them.

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#6 Read Current Events

This is an oldie but a goodie: read the news and current events and be up to speed with what is going on in the world. Things find their way into the news because they are interesting enough to get people talking...that ought tell you something right there.

Of course, it's important that you read the woman's personality before you bust out with something really controversial. But if you do this right, you can often get a strong conversation going really quickly.

#7 Open Ended Questions

A lot of guys make the mistake of asking women things like: "Can I buy you a drink?" as a way to break the ice. The problem with this is that it only allows for a yes or no answer...and then the conversation is over. But using open-ended questions (ones which require more than a yes or no answer) are much better conversation starters.

TIP: as soon as you get done with this e-mail, sit down and write down three open ended questions based on the other seven conversation starters. Make this a daily habit, and do it every morning.

#8 The Abrupt Opening

The abrupt opening simply means starting a conversation as if it was already started. You have to have a lot of confidence to get this one to work, but the results can be great if you get it right.

The key to success in this one is to walk up to a woman and pretend that you already know her. Then you simply ask an open ended question which you normally would ask someone you know and that you had just run into.

For example: "Hey, what are you doing here?"

Now find a few of these and get practicing!

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