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How Attraction REALLY Works for Women

What in the world is up with women when it comes to attraction? Have you ever noticed that they seem to tell you that they want one thing, while their choices in men that they actually DATE seems to SCREAM the opposite?

If you are not frustrated by this, you're probably one of the most blessed men that ever lived...or the wisest. Truly, the genuine knowledge about how attraction REALLY works for women is uncommon and something which every man seeks, but few find.

Well, since you've taken a few minutes to read this e-mail you're about to have a rare opportunity to learn something that the majority of men never "get..."

What Drives Female Attraction?

Have you ever noticed that almost everybody suffers from the disease of having actions and behaviors which are completely contradictory to what they SAY they want? Everyone wants to be wealthy, thin, beautiful, and intelligent and to enjoy amazing relationships and success.

Nevertheless, most of these same people give up these dreams for the sake of satisfying some deeper inner desire... a desire which few people are self-aware enough to understand. And what is the most common inner drive that causes someone to behave in ways that contradict their reasoning factors?

Primarily it is the need for safety, security and survival.

-Give me a silent nod if you know what I'm talking about-

Now, considering this inner drive, do you think women are following when they make their decisions about the men they are genuinely attracted to?

That's right, women's attraction to men is determined by the feeling of safety and security that they get from being around that man. So what does this mean for your dating life?

Are You a Nice Guy?

Okay, let's take all of the fairytale language out of this and just get real: nice people don't do well in life. They don't do well in business and they don't do well in their dating life. This is not to say that you have to be a badboy to succeed with women. What it does mean is that you have to master the art of winning respect and admiration to intimidation.

fireworks with females succes with picking up girls

If this sounds "bad" to you, it's probably because it's completely against your cultural paradigm. You might have been taught that influencing people and winning respect and admiration is done through being a nice person. But in reality, the only people who command consistent respect and admiration are those who are slightly intimidating.

Does this mean that you have to start breaking the fear of God into women to get them attracted? No, but understanding that women's natural attraction drive is motivated by their need for safety and survival... how much safer do you think he'll feel around a man who is a little bit intimidating?

This is why you keep seeing women fall for Badboys. But can you become one of these Badboys without becoming the Prince of Darkness...

Commanding Respect and Giving Respect

Believe it or not you can be a respectful person and be intimidating at the same time. The trick is to achieve a healthy balance between commanding respect and giving respect. It is possible to give respect to a person at the expense of your self-respect.

If you've got into the habit of needing approval from people (especially from women), it's likely that your command respect/give respect balance is off. If you want to be a man who attracts quality women, you MUST get this back in order immediately.

TIP: Write "command respect/give respect" on a note card and carry it around with you everywhere you go. Get into the habit of checking yourself once or twice a day and asking yourself whether or not you are out of balance.

This will help you begin to build a more confident personality which commands respect from men and attraction from women.

Once you get a taste of your more confident self, you are going to want better results from your dating and attraction, and if that sounds like you, attraction afficionado Scot McKay is just the guy to unlock even greater potential and even greater women:

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Now, since we're on this subject, we probably ought to talk about the secret to attracting younger women... more in the next e-mail...