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How to Display Confidence and Conviction to Women

Showing women a strong disposition and radiating those “Alpha Male” vibes is something which can be honed and developed.

Women are naturally attracted to strong men who stand by their principals and take control. Many men learn how to display confidence and conviction to women over time and through practicing these 5 rules.

Rule #1: Look First – Then Feel

Women are the great emotional resonators. Therefore a guy needs to stay away from overly emotional responses and reactions to women. Boo-hooing is not an act of confidence even though it seems it should create intimacy. Women are first and foremost looking for protectors. Men who are men. They are seeking the strongest and most courageous of the pack and if you do not first look the part, who cares what is in your heart.

Guys need to learn to adapt a physicality which alludes towards a confident nature prior to any act of engagement. She will be reading your body language long before you approach her so be sure you are in check. Confident body language is any of the following:

• Good Posture
• Wide Stance
• Relaxed Arms
• Eyes/Head/Chin Up
• Never Looking Down
• Never Crossing Arms
• Takes Up Space
• Owns Space

Rule #2: Know, Never Convince

If you want women to take you seriously and be caught up in your sense of conviction, you must always speak as though you know. In other words, don’t back up every statement you make with an explanation of why you feel or think the way you do. This is an important piece of dating advice for men that they always seem to violate.

Instead, speak from experience with surety and you will be believed, no matter what you say. When your conversation sounds pleading or combative, you will lose the respect she has established in you.

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Rule #3: Take Control

To exercise confidence with a woman, the best thing to do is take control of any situation. If she is at a bar, without a drink, buy her a drink. Don’t ask if you can buy her a drink and don’t wait for her to say yes or no…simply ask her what she was drinking and flag the bartender for another.

Your ability to take command will please her and she will immediately feel indebted to you. Another way to take control is to guide her. Indicate where you should sit, stand or interact in a crowded room. Bring her to your friends and introduce her. Be in charge of the situation and she will most likely naturally follow your lead.

Rule #4: Be a Nice Guy

A good rule of thumb when learning how to display confidence and conviction with women is to be a nice guy. Don’t make fun of other people around you or say things that are rude or inconsiderate to make yourself sound stronger or look better.

Ultimately this will only make you look weak and insecure. Confidence means you are it and you don’t need to overtly establish your masculinity through macho role playing. Guys who are real, pleasant and relaxed are the ones who generally exude the most confident attitudes.

Rule #5: Be Memorable

If you want her to remember what you said or what you did, do things which will create an emotional memory for her. If you are going to tell her a story, tell it with zeal and either have her laughing or crying.

If you are going to make her feel good, don’t be cliché’. Compliment her on something hardly anyone would notice unless they were really paying close attention. The more special you make her feel the more trust she will have in your ability to make her happy.

Ultimately, it isn’t hard to learn how to display confidence and conviction with women, what is most difficult is keeping it real. If you practice positive male body language and insure you are having a genuine conversation, you should find easy success. Over time your confident nature will become a habit regardless of how you feel emotionally and you will learn to change how you view yourself!

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