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How to Keep Her Interested Forever

If you want to attract the right kind of woman and stop settling for second best, you need to show her you are a man of power.

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If you've been reading these e-mails and learning how you can capture a woman's interest by being a mystery, creating curiosity, being a bit of a bad boy and being confident enough to stay the course even when women test you, then you might still be wondering:

"How can you keep a woman's interest for life though?"

I mean, sure you can use some of these strategies stated above to capture a woman's interest. But are these things really going to keep her interested in you forever? If you're curious about this, keep reading and discover how you can make sure that your woman will never want to leave you...

Why People Keep People in Their Lives

No matter how much you want to believe in the generous nature of human beings, no one will keep someone in their life forever unless that person has some kind of need for them. And when it comes to this, there is no amount of attraction or interest that will keep a woman hanging on forever.

Instead, you have to learn how to meet her emotional needs.World renowned relationship expert Anthony Robbins has stated that there are six basic human needs that a relationship should meet:

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* Variety
* Security
* Growth
* Contribution
* Connection
* Significance

But if it's that easy, how come there are so many relationships such as marriages, friendships and even connections within families that are falling apart?

It's because in relationships, most people are working VERY hard at meeting the other person's needs according to their own standards.

For example, if your need for significance is meant by having someone say nice things to you, then you might be trying to meet your woman's need for significance by saying nice things to her: telling her how beautiful she is, how intelligent she is and how much you appreciate her.
The problem is that not everyone speaks the same "language" when it comes to their need for significance. For your woman, significance might be demonstrated to her by acts of service.

This is how you can end up feeling like all of your nice words are going into a bottomless pit, while your woman is constantly frustrated about how you "aren't doing anything for her."
She might even tell you that "talk is cheap," which is normally a devastating blow to your sense of confidence.

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This example illustrates the exact problem that is prevalent in the majority of relationships today. This is how a relationship can come to an end with both people saying:

"I did everything I could for them." In reality, you did everything but what they REALLY needed you to do.

So how can you make sure that your new relationship with your woman does not end up this way?

How to Meet Her Needs

Start paying attention to what your woman is doing to meet your needs. Does she go out of her way to do nice things for you in order to make you feel important? If so, she is giving you a clue as to what she really needs in order to feel important and to feel loved.

What about her need for security? Variety? What about her need for growth and to feel that she is making a contribution to the relationship? If you begin to pay attention to her behaviors and her words, you'll begin to realize that they are providing a powerful clue as to how you can meet her basic human needs.

Start doing this exercise today, even if you are not in a relationship. You can practice on your friends, your family members or even the people you work with. This will help you to build relationships that will last forever.

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