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How to Use Body Language to your Advantage When Dating

Clasped hands, folded arms, touching your nose; these are all forms of body language secrets which say something very specific about who you are.

Knowing how to use body language to your advantage when dating will help you maximize the success of your physical appeal.

By becoming aware of your physical habits, you can develop good body language and undo the negative presence you may be projecting. Below are some good and bad body language habits and what they mean.

5 Good Body Language Habits Include:

1. Posture – Shoulders back and a direct line thru your spine indicate a confident person. Keep chin up slightly and shoulders unrounded for best results.

2. Eye Contact - Being able to look people directly in the eyes shows an honest person. This integrity is enhanced if you make eye contact regardless of whether you are speaking or they are.

3. Wide Stance – Taking up space when you enter a room or sitting with legs wide open if you are a male will give you a measure of authority. Others will be attracted to the energy you exude when you enter a place and be drawn to your take control physicality.

4. Arms Relaxed Behind Head – This indicates you are relaxed but confident and with control and authority.

5. Easy Smile and Laugh – Having a smile which comes naturally and a laugh which is not forced nor too loud gives you a friendly, relaxed demeanor.

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5 Poor Body Language Habits Include:

1. Eyes Roving – Indirect eye contact or looking down shows either boredom or insecurity.

2. Touching Nose – Touching the nose while you are speaking indicates you are lying or being deceitful in some way.

3. Crossed Arms or Heart – Crossing your arms indicates you are very defensive. Crossing your heart or other areas of your body reflects you are protective of yourself and not open.

4. Arms on Hips – This stance is highly aggressive. While in some cases it may be necessary, it should not be a habit to use while dating. There is no need to establish a controlling disposition during a date.

5. Poor Posture – Hunching the shoulders, slouching and not having an erect posture indicate a low self esteem.

There are many subtle signs which you can incorporate into your own physicality. Knowing how to use body language to your advantage when dating also involves paying close attention to the habits your date has. You can learn quite a bit about someone and be able to counter the language or have empathy toward someone’s natural disposition. For example, if your date does any of the following, you will be able to set them at ease:

• Fidgets or Plays with Hair

Sometimes, a female especially, will play with their hair in a flirtatious manner. However, more often than not, playing with their hands, bouncing their feet or any other fidgeting indicates nervousness.

Help your date feel more at ease by having relaxing body language yourself. If you find yourself asking imposing questions or getting too close, perhaps you are making them nervous. Don’t have them do all the talking and put yourself in the spotlight as well.

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• Looks Down While They Walk

If your date looks at the ground while they walk or talk, they generally have a very low self esteem or are avoiding attracting attention to themselves.

Help them feel confident and express your enjoyment of their company. Fixing someone’s self esteem is not your job but you can certainly offer support.

• Looks Up to The Left

Generally this age old sign means someone is lying.

Of course you don’t want to jump to any conclusions and call them out on it but it is a good idea to file away the possibility they are hiding information from you. This may be with good intentions but regardless be on your toes, especially if they do it often.

• Hands Clasped Behind Their Back

This generally indicates they are hiding something or they are showing a form of aggression or anger under control.

Be wary of this tendency and try and help your date to relax and avoid confrontation.

Learning how to use body language to attract women to your advantage when dating will enhance more than the date but also your ability to be in tune with yourself and others. Becoming aware of these subtle body secrets will clue you in about a person before you have begun to approach them. Insuring you are also promoting the proper physicality on a date will keep you focused on the type of person you wish to attract.

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