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Starting Conversations With Women

If you are someone who struggles with starting conversations with women; you are not alone. Many guys have a hard time knowing what to say, when to say it and how to connect with the opposite sex.

The good news is that women are not really the stereotypical, judgmental, snobs you think they may be. Yes, of course there are a few out there to avoid but ultimately, women want to talk to you as much as you want to talk to them so why not just go for it?

Do yourself a favor and stop worrying so much about what the ladies think of you. In the long run what matters is your own self image and confidence.

These two qualities are what will attract women to you every time. Part of being confident is the ability to waltz up to an attractive stranger and strike up a conversation. Women may think, “wow, you have a lot of nerve” but they will also think, “hmmm…you must be pretty self confident to be able to approach me that way.”

Conversation Starters

When starting conversations with women, it is always helpful to know what is appropriate and what is not so you ensure a positive reaction. Check out this list of conversations starters to help guide you along.

Good Conversation Starters

-Commenting on a book she’s reading
-Complimenting her
-Asking where she’s from
-Asking for directions
-Introducing yourself
-Making cute jokes
-Commenting on her pet
-Offering to buy her a drink
-Asking if she comes to a venue a lot

Having an opening which is positive or straightforward is the way to go. Women want to know you are genuine first so they can trust you and from there they prefer someone who is bold enough to simply “talk” to them. If you see a woman alone, without a boyfriend or a ring on her finger, find something interesting to talk about. Compliments are a great way to put a woman at ease and make her feel special.

Poor Conversation Starters

-Derogatory Comments about her boyfriend
-Insults to her or friends she may be with
-Cheesy pick up lines
-Comments about her body or sexiness
-Inferences about sexual interest
-Asking her immediately if she is single
-Asking where she lives
-Making crude jokes

You want to showcase your ability to be a gentleman and yet still have a sense of humor. You don’t know the girl, her religious affiliations or whether she is uptight about certain topics so you certainly want to keep your conversations clean and positive.

Women are used to being approached and are generally on guard when a stranger speaks to them. After all, many of them have been raised by protective fathers to avoid strangers; especially strange men. When it comes to starting conversations with women; the goal is to help her to first feel comfortable around you.

This means you don’t want to come across as a strange, creep, who has potentially been stalking her or wants to kidnap her for personal pleasure. Women can easily become wary and therefore keeping things light and easy are your best bet. Approach her with a friendly attitude rather than a sexual one and you will have much luck in creating relationships.

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