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The Top 5 Reasons You Suck With Women

Perhaps you haven’t had much luck with the ladies lately? Most likely you have missed a few important components when it comes to attraction and need to brush up on some pick up skills.

Many guys fall into a rut in the dating game and need some help. So, suck it up, swallow your pride and read the top 5 reasons you suck with women.

#1 You Radiate Momma’s Boy!

That’s right, reason #1 is your sad, boyish life. If you live with Mom, talk about her or simply cannot do for yourself, you are most likely a momma’s boy.

Cheer up, it’s not your fault she coddled you into manhood and now you can’t seem to do without her. The issues the ladies have with you on this one go on and on but below are the main concerns:

• You consult mommy in everything you do
• Mom is your best friend
• Mom washes, irons and folds your laundry
• She pays your bills or you live under her roof
• She is always involved in your business
• You use her car
• Mom knows you will get a job when you are ready
• Mom thinks you are too good for most girls
• Mom lets you coward in the basement due to your sensitive nature
• If you are sick, mom will purchase the pharmacy for you
• You need to call home
• Mom thinks someday you will be a famous video game developer

You see buddy, you will never get women because women will never be able to measure up to your mother. Even if you aren’t comparing them, the girls you date will assess the situation rather quickly.

Women are not attracted to a guy who isn’t self sufficient and has to rely on a female to get them through life. Women want a provider and protector so if you are hiding in mommy’s skirts you most likely don’t give her the sense of someone capable of taking care of her.

#2. You Look Like A Leper!

Well, at least you might as well be one for all the attention you don’t get. The top 5 reasons why you suck with women includes a need to improve your personal appearance. If you look like a greasy, creep who never showers, smells foul and doesn’t brush his teeth, generally the ladies will stay far away.

If you are fat, overweight, pudgy and bulging in all the wrong places, she won’t glance twice at you other than to give you a stay away look. Also, if you forgot you came into adolescence some time ago and have facial hair which is rarely maintained or your clothes look as though they’ve been through a deep fryer – you need some work.

If you want to improve your looks, get yourself off the couch and away from the Cheetos for starters. Sign up for a gym, get some exercise and wash! Invest in a few nice, new clothes which you do wash and iron and hang up with regularity.

#3. You Have Little Penis Syndrome

Regardless of whether your parts are adequate or proportionate, you are giving women the idea that you have a little rascal who’s shy and hiding. While it is a myth bigger is better, if you aren’t at least expressing some sort of bedroom savvy or sexual ability, the ladies won’t be able to notice you amidst the other more capable competition.

Also, if your experience comes from adult chat lines or flipping through dirty magazines, perhaps it’s time to grow up and participate in the real thing.

In order to present a masculine presence, you will need to incorporate a few alpha male body language tricks. Present yourself as confident and in control and the ladies will look twice. And if Mr. Willy is a bit undersized….better be prepared to be an amazing lover as a counterbalance!

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#4. Your Conversations Lack Reality

If you can’t speak two paragraphs without referring to your latest World of War craft conquest or how you wore a Darth costume to the last Star Wars convention, you most likely haven’t attracted too many of the opposite sex.

The problem is not simply your lust for fantasy but your lack of real relationships. If you are convinced your dream girl will be Mila Jovavich from Resident Evil, perhaps you should lower your standards a little because I’m pretty sure she’s not interested.

It’s time to put the battle swords and armor down and get out into the real world. Sign up for a class or organization which will not only make you a more interesting person but will open up doors to meeting women. Stop being a recluse and enter the world of the living for a change.

#5 You Forgot You Were Not 8 years old!

Just because you could tease a girl one minute and then be holding her hand the next does not mean that’s how it’s done once you’re an adult. Spending time mocking, pulling pranks, or playing mean tricks on girls is not the way to attract their adoration by any stretch. You obviously need a lesson in growing up and learning how to treat women.

If you want to attract women, you need to learn a few nice compliments and some gentlemanly behavior. Women want a guy who can treat her special. Pulling her hair just doesn’t cut it anymore!

By learning the top 5 reasons why you suck with women, you can begin to unravel the issues surrounding your lack luster dating life. Educate yourself on what women want and improve your self esteem and life.

the master plan

the master plan