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Unleashing Masculinity to Attract Older Women

Here's the truth - being attractive is done from the INSIDE, and not from anything you put on. Being a manly man is not the cologne you put on, or the car that you drive.

Neither is it the kind of clothes you wear nor is it how your beard is trimmed. In other words, all that EXTERNAL stuff doesn't make a man who he is.

The heart of attraction lies in the truth that opposites attract, plain and simple.

The kind of energy you have should complement or balance the traits of the woman you're trying to win over.

Think of the forces of attraction like the contrasting poles of a magnet. The only thing a positive charge could ever hope to attract is its OPPOSITE.

This is where the famous expression "opposites attract" comes from. Fortunately, this simple reality also applies to human relationships.

In dating, the two people in the equation will only be attracted to each other if one person's set of qualities "fills in" the natural "gaps" of the other. This is where the concept of MASCULINE and FEMININE energy comes into play.

You see, a masculine person is more likely to attract a feminine person simply because of their opposing "charges". That's why if your masculine energy isn't as high as it should be, you'll have a hard time appealing to the feminine folk.

Traditionally, masculine traits have been associated with the male gender, and feminine qualities with women. However, the increasingly changing socio-political landscape has given rise to "feminine men" and "masculine women".

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In this day and age, you'll see men and women performing functions that, just a few decades ago, couldn't be interchanged between the genders. It isn't rare to find men today doing the cooking, cleaning and other "girly stuff" while the women are out there taking on managerial or supervisory roles in the corporate world.

All of these developments are awesome because it's paved the way for a higher sense of equality in the family and workplace. Let's face it, the different situations in our lives will require us to tap into BOTH our masculine and feminine sides as needed.

However, being a masculine man and a feminine woman is still necessary when it comes to pair-bonding. In dating, it's still your duty as a man to espouse your masculine traits to attract the ladies.

Now, before we go any further about unleashing your masculine side, let's get briefly into the central traits of a masculine and feminine essence, shall we?

Masculinity is largely defined by the strength of purpose and the determination to move in a desired direction. A masculine essence is all about the focus of achieving a given set of goals and fully realizing the end result of your efforts.

You might even say that being masculine means having a bit of a one-track mind, but in my opinion it's more of having a singular, unstoppable purpose. Furthermore, it's also about being analytical, logical and cutting through the murkiness of matters.

Above all, masculinity has a great deal to do with providing for the family as well as protecting friends and loved ones from harm.

What it's NOT about is being a booze-guzzling, idle slob who has nothing better to do than veg out in front of the TV while shirking "ladies' stuff" like dishes, laundry and meal preparation.

On the other hand, a feminine essence is all about being a nurturer and a caring, gentle companion. Feminine energy thrives on exploring relationships and humanity in general. It's defined by artistic and emotional expression as well as pursuing the finer things in life.

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Conversely, being feminine is NOT defined as crying over a broken nail or acting like a helpless victim. Purposely playing the eternal "damsel in distress" may be endearing at first, but it'll soon lose its charm and is more fitting to be labeled as "annoying neediness".

With that said, being a "man's man" in the context of our little discussion is the key to making a woman's heart MELT. So, I'll be giving you a quick primer on how to make the most of your masculine gifts, starting TODAY:

#1: Have the determination to be committed to an ideal, a way of life or a set of principles. As we've just discussed, the feminine essence is naturally drawn to an attitude that just reeks of GRIT.

When you stick to your guns or ADHERE to certain cause that's close to your heart, that's a sign of PASSION. And I gotta tell ya, this one trait is like "chick crack". Even the hardest of women are impressed by a man who has the strength (not necessarily in the physical sense) to be CONSISTENT in his actions, beliefs, thoughts and values.

#2: Be really good at something. Nothing gets a woman's engine revving better than a guy who rocks in his element. When you have the ability to be an authoritative voice on a subject matter, it really does plenty to polish the brass on your balls.

It's an incredible turn-on for women to meet a guy who's passionately dedicated to a certain field of knowledge, whether it's science, literature or sports. Besides, being able to teach them something they didn't know before makes you an interesting guy.

#3: Be committed to achieving various life goals. Like I said earlier, masculinity is about attaining objectives. What I mean by this is to have a purpose-driven approach to life.

If you're dedicated to being more than who you are at this moment, it makes you hungry for life. The feminine essence is helplessly drawn towards a person who's totally engaged in squeezing the juice out of living.

That's why having a set of meaningful goals makes the possibility of sharing a life with you an EXCITING one. She'll be thinking, "Wow, this guy sure has a happening life going on - I'd LOVE to be part of that!" 

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Being focused on your life makes you slightly unavailable, or a "wild child" from a certain point of view. Feminine eyes see this as a challenge to "tame" your fiery nature.

In fact, lots of women are fueled by the desire to uncover your feminine side. The thrill of the pursuit lies in the pleasure of trying to "have you 100%".

#4: Be savvy about personal style, but don't be obsessively VAIN about it. Looks are important in the sense that they say key things about your personality.

However, don't mistake looking good for making appearances the most important thing in life. The main idea is to be clean, neat and presentable so that you give the impression that you've "got it together".

Having a good sense of style means being up-to-date on your looks, but not to the point of being too picky with brands. Investing JUST ENOUGH on quality items is cool, but don't go overboard with the compulsive shopping. 

A healthy and respectable physical appearance is essential in the context of implying that you have your life UNDER CONTROL. However, anything beyond that purpose is superficial.

As long as you have well-fitting clothes that suit your body frame and don't smell like a gym bag, you're on the right track.

In essence, women want a MAN, and not a kid in adult's clothing. They're into mature guys who are absolutely decided on a SOLID course of action and aren't easily swayed by impulses or whims.

It's about having the lack of fear to go for what you really want, and having the RESOLVE to accomplish it.

All in all, these masculine-boosting tips boil down to cultivating an intangible "hardness" that women look for. If you possess this "X-factor" with women, reeling them in will be a cakewalk.

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And where do you get that X-factor? Through 'Ultimate Inner Game.'