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Why Are More Older Women Dating Younger Men

Many curious guys (and gals) these days are asking the question; why are more older women dating younger men?

There are a few reasons to examine which primarily gives focus on the cultural changes which have transpired in modern day society compared to previous generations.

Back in the day, it was unheard of for a younger man engaging with an older woman. In fact females were practically aligned or sometimes arranged for older men who could provide and care for their wife.

Women today are much better suited to provide and care for themselves so the old fashioned reasoning has become irrelevant.

Another factor is commitment and children. More and more women are postponing childbearing for much later in life. There is no longer a rush to the altar and angst for long term relationships.

Older women are interested in enjoying their prime and continuing to explore the freedom of life. Women now hit their peak in their late 30’s. In the old days women were considered spinsters if they weren’t married to a prestigious man by this age.

Hollywood and media plays an active role in the concept of why older women are dating younger men. Television shows such as Housewives of Orange County, highlight several attractive middle age “cougars” still hip hoppin' it at the clubs and jesting over their pool boy.

Couples like Demi Moore and Aston Kutcher, for example, have created sensationalism out of the age gap. With these models, more and more sexually active middle age females are finding appeal in younger men.

Finally, with a plethora of age defying technologies including; plastic surgery, cosmetics, dermatology and fitness regimes, women are looking and feeling younger. In the old days, women at this age had already birthed several children and suffered the tribulations which come from stress and parenting.

Lifestyles were much more difficult during those times. Modern technology provides women a convenient way to stay young. They are able to swing into the spa for a facial and visit the gym for a personal training session. There are facial creams to eliminate wrinkles and cosmetics to conceal the wear and tear of age.

The new fad is to look younger longer. Because of this, more young men are attracted to older women. Not only do they look great but they have the experience to boot. This mysterious, sexually aware female is much more attractive than the younger more naïve’ girl.

There really isn’t a mystery as to why more older women are dating younger men; they simply want more excitement! A younger man is a token that gives the older gal a sense of her own viability as a female.

Eye candy no longer works one way and women are taking control of their desires by finding guys who to them are equal in attractiveness and sexual prowess. It works out well considering many younger guys are attracted to these self assured, older, primed females. With societal changes and media promotion, the fad is becoming more and more the norm in our culture today as you boost your social value with ladies.

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