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Best Places to Meet Singles

You may be the best kid on the block when it comes to picking up singles for dates but let’s be real; in order to do this you need a venue.

There are many opportunities to meet single people looking for relationships or simply friends with benefits. Most people think their best bet is bars and nightclubs but this is not accurate.

The best places to meet singles are ones where you can frequent and see the same people. Women especially are more prone to date someone they already know.

If you are able to meet someone a few times before asking them out you will have a better chance of success in getting their approval. The ability to connect with someone once is not always enough, especially these days when the availability of internet singles shopping is at hand. More people would rather pick and choose who they date rather than risk the chance of dating a creep or loser.

Take a look at this comprehensive list of places to meet singles.

• Classes or Workshops

Many single individuals can be found in studious session within a class or workshop. Evening adult workshops are one of the best places as they offer a myriad of different types of classes to suit your preference but also allow a convenient timeframe for working individuals or single parents.

These classes can be anything from yoga, self-help, computers to group dance classes. The benefit is an environment where you will see the same people throughout a session and can develop friendships which will hopefully further into dating.

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• Adult Social Athletic Teams

Many people are taking advantage of these coed sports teams. These are one of the best places to meet singles today. They not only incorporate regular practice sessions in pretty much any sport but also have events and outings which provide more opportune times to socialize with teammates.

• Meet ups or Industry Events

Sites like are growing in popularity as more and more singles are able to pick and choose a group to network and socialize with. Also, attending industry events within your work or other interests will give you a terrific opportunity to meet people you have things in common with. You won’t have to worry about what to talk about and you will notice other busy people like yourself looking to make connections.

• Speed Dating

The fun thing about speed dating is everyone participates for the same reason – to meet dating prospects! You can fly through the process and it is a fun and entertaining way to meet singles in person and decide if they are worthy of your attention or visa versa.

• Singles Cruises

The fun, party atmosphere of a singles cruise is appealing to many people. It removes the boundaries of wanting to meet people and instead creates a memorable opportunity to do so. Not to mention these cruises usually get pretty festive if not risqué’ so if you’re interested in some uninhibited times, you may enjoy looking into one of these ventures.

• Community or Cultural Events

There are plenty of single volunteers who are involved in the local community or charity events. Joining and giving of your time not only makes you a more attractive adult, it also allows you to meet many other people who are local to your area.

These are only a few of the best places to meet singles. Other ideas include: art galleries, dog parks, bookstores, retail employees and of course online dating sites. While a bar or night club may seem the best solution, generally you won’t have as much luck and the competition will be higher. Instead focus on actively participating in the things you enjoy and more than likely you will meet singles within your field of interests.

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