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Biggest Mistakes in Dating

Dating today can be challenging because partners want more from their relationships. Each individual is looking for a partner who will be supportive both emotionally and mentally as well as providing support physically.

Millions of men and women around the world are searching for someone to share lasting happiness, love and romance.

The problem is, during the initial phase of dating, many guys make mistakes which jeopardize the opportunity to find the right girl. Below are some of the biggest mistakes in dating which should be avoided at all costs.

Too Strong, Too Soon

Whatever you do, DON’T tell her you love her on your second date. Don’t tell her this on your third or even the tenth date for that matter. Some guys come on too strong in the beginning. They connect with a beautiful woman and believe they are soul mates.

This rush to love will instantly raise a red flag with her, indicating you must be either very lonely, very insecure or very much want in her pants. In any case, loving her before you have taken time to get to know her is a big no- no. Even IF you saw her in your dreams when you were a little boy - hold off!

Remember; don’t give away YOUR heart so easily. Keep in mind she could end up being a crazy lunatic and the real dream girl in your dreams could be your neighbor who happened to dye her hair. Don’t rush it. If your feelings for the newfound date are strong, don’t let her know right away. While it is good to be somewhat open, it also helps to keep her guessing.

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Passion over Foreplay

This is definitely up there on the biggest mistakes in dating list. Although women are more confident and open about their attraction these days; it is still good advice to keep it old fashioned. Courting, while not a modern term is a proven way to ensure you are dating correctly. It also slows down the intimacy so you are appropriately targeting women who could be real candidates for a long term relationship.

Guys, no matter how strong she comes on, remind her she is a lady. “Court” her accordingly and she will not be able to stop thinking about you. Most guys make the mistake of going too far, too quickly.

Once all the lights are on, the mystery has faded before it began. It is a myth that you will know if she’s the right one based on her performance in bed. You will not maintain an interest in her as a person if you have crossed this line too early. You could possibly jeopardize what may have been a perfect compatibility. Here’s a good old fashioned guide to keep the physicality slow and interesting.

Date 1: Hug or peck on the cheek.

Date 2: Same

Date 3: Hold hands, soft kiss on the lips.

Date 4: Short open kiss

Date 5: Longer more intense kiss

Date 15: Meet the parents perhaps?

Date 20: Maybe it’s time for more or maybe you will wait the long haul.
Discuss it with her first to be sure she feels the same.

Put it this way guys, any girl who can endure you for long must be worth it right? Besides, she will be impressed with your willpower and this will instill the comfort that perhaps you are someone she can trust.

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Lovers before Friends

Women are often insulted when guys treat them like objects. Roving and looking her over like a shiny, new toy is probably not a great idea. Most women enjoy getting to know someone before they are comfortable being intimate.

While it is okay to give her a little attention by telling her she is attractive, don’t over do it. Showing her you are more interested in who she is will set her at ease as most women want to be admired from the inside as well.

Be a friend; learn about her first before expressing in detail your interest in her physically. Don’t give her a long diatribe on the things you would like to do to her. Developing a friendship first, often leads to much more passion later.

Prince Charming Becomes a Frog

One of the biggest mistakes in dating is a tendency to pretend you’re someone you are not. While yes, you should be on your best behavior; charming, romantic and all that; what you shouldn’t do is market yourself as an entirely different individual. If you are a great actor and think you can pull off Johnny Depp when you are actually a closet geek you are setting yourself up for failure.

You are intentionally attracting women who will not be compatible in the future. If you show up in a borrowed Jaguar and treat her to an extravagant evening while discussing your fictitious PHD, you are in essence blowing an opportunity to date her again.

Eventually she will find out you are only a frog and feel betrayed that you were unable to be open and real with her. Be yourself, you will be surprised how many women are looking for men who can simply share who they are, regardless of their accomplishments.

It is true women are complex creatures but don’t let this overwhelm your dating experiences. If you study the dynamics between men and women, you will become an expert and avoid the biggest mistakes in dating. So, before your next date, remember; take a deep breath, be yourself and focus on the inside out.

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