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Do Bad Guys Always Get the Girl?

What exactly is a bad boy? A bad boy is outside the box; rough around the edges and potentially dark in nature.

He is macho, bold, unencumbered by “normal” life. He generally is often in trouble, rebels against authority and doesn’t seem to be concerned with fitting in.

Hollywood glamorizes the bad boy concept with sexy, mysterious men who are hard to figure out and alluring. So, the question every man wants to know remains; do bad guys always get the girl?

This is a long held debate but the consensus is yes and no. In other words, yes, bad boys get the girl but generally they can’t keep them.

What is the Attraction?

What is attractive about a bad boy is not their inherent “badness” but rather a strong showing of self confidence. Whether this is feigned or real; a woman will initially be attracted to a dominant male figure. His decisiveness, his lack of fear and his rebellious attitude is mysterious and draws her into a world which initially seems exciting and spontaneous. This is why bad guys can get away with also anything.

The Nature of Women

Women by nature are preprogrammed to seek a male counterpart who will protect and keep her safe. These days especially, fewer women look for successful men who will provide for them since women are now capable of their own financial independence.

Due to this mentality, females naturally gravitate toward the courageous, fearless bad boy aspects rather than the typical, responsible characteristics of previous generations. That being said, there have always been exceptions, even in the past.

300 Creative Dates 

Think of the famous musical, Greece. It is a perfect example of good girl falls for bad boy. Females are mysterious, complex creatures and sometimes they seek out equally complicated counterparts, regardless of whether it is healthy or ideal.

The Domestication Challenge

One true fact about women is they love a challenge! What can be more challenging than a guy in need of nurture, taming and domestication? Women live for the idea of saving the angry beast from himself and teaching him of love and trust.

When the question arises; do bad guys always get the girl, the irony is more often than not they do but then are magically transformed into a good guy. If of course the tamer is good at what she does.

The thing most guys don’t realize is how beneficial women are toward maintaining a civilized and well rounded society. Imagine if every guy remained a bad boy forever. The Peter Pan epidemic would certainly create a chaotic and radical world.

Bad Boys Lose in the End

Ultimately, most bad guys are nothing more than boys with grand facades who have not grown up enough to experience love, intimacy and trust as a priority. Spiritually they are repressed as they do not hold regard for a collective and productive community. In spite of Hollywood, there isn’t much glamour in the everyday bad boy.

Generally he is lonely and tired of feigned bravado. Most relationships with bad boys end as quickly as they begin. Once a woman realizes she cannot break through the self destructive walls which protect a cowardly persona she will leave seeking solace in the arms of someone warm, real and mature.

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