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Don Draper Guide To Picking Up Women: Learning From The Master

Where else should you get your practical advice about dating and relationship in general? Of course, it should rightfully come from someone who has actually conquered the dating game arena and has captured the hearts of many ladies, the ultimate ladies’ man, Don Draper.

Although Don Draper is just a fictional character from the critically and commercially acclaimed TV series, Mad Men, his experience, particularly with the women in his lives is quite informative especially when it comes to dating and relationship.

With his sleek and suave ways, he has charmed his way into the hearts of many women. Due to his relative charm and connection with the ladies, the notion of Don Draper guide to picking up women came to existence.

When it comes to Don Draper guide to picking up women, it is probably the most practical insight on how to conquer your fears about dating and how to successfully navigate your way through the complexities of relationship and dating. 

The good thing about Don Draper's guide is that these are not merely theories but practical suggestions on how to improve your chances at success dating. The Don Draper guide to picking up women has actually been proven to be effective and has helped a lot of guys in their quest to become the ultimate ladies’ man.

For a taste of the principles contained in this guide, you are directed to the items below:

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1. Exude an aura of mystery. When faced with uncertainty, it is best that you refrain from speaking.

2. To the extent possible, never dish out a complete account of your personal history. If you can help it, always answer queries in general terms without being evasive.

3. In the same manner that trade names give products easy name recall, it would work to your advantage if you have a trendy monicker.

4. Dress to impress. Regardless of the type of clothing that you wear, you should make sure that you look good. You should ensure to have a wide array of clothing choices inside your closet.

5. Have a good career. Whether as a working professional or as a businessman, you should make sure that you are successful at what you do. Remember that women are generally drawn to successful men.

6. Practice good hygiene. Make sure that you shave regularly. Otherwise, you will appear like a troglodyte. It would also help if you have a gentle-smelling cologne.

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