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Getting Women to Approach You

If you are tired of the regular hunt for female companionship and want to learn the tricks to getting women to approach you instead, rest assured.

Men often believe it is their job to initiate and seek out the opposite sex. This is a natural instinct but guys who are experts in the dating arena will attest there is a way to attract women and have them throwing cupids darts of attention your way.

Setting the Stage

First and foremost if you want women to feel comfortable approaching you, you must make yourself available. The idea is to create a stage within your presence where women are less shy and feel confident seeking your attention. Follow these tips for setting the stage:

• Express Interest

While you don’t have to be the one to walk up and say Hi, you should give her a clue you are interested. Use body language and eye contact to give her the go ahead. Wink, smile, nod your head or keep looking back. Once she knows you are interested but not planning the first move, she will begin to devise a plan to make contact.

• Remove Obstacles

Women can be bold but if they are faced with an unprecedented amount of hurdles and hoops to jump through in order to make your acquaintance, they will simply shrug and look elsewhere. If you want to be approached, be approachable. This means you should try and remove yourself from a large social gathering in some way.

If you are with a group of friends, try and set up on the outskirts rather than right smack dab in the middle. She will certainly feel more confident approaching you without your entourage and having a private conversation is much more desirable than addressing a group.

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• Play Hard to Get

Women love a challenge ten times more than any man. If you play a little hard to get, she will not only be intrigued by your self confidence but will take the bait and simply HAVE to meet you. In order to learn the best tactics in getting women to approach you, try these hard to get moves:

• Ignore the Obvious

If you catch her looking at you, let her know you caught her with a sly smile and a wink but then simply ignore her! She will not be used to this uncanny bravado and will be thrown off kilter.

Generally if a girl has her sights set on something, whether it’s a lovely handbag, a new pair of shoes or a sparkly new man, she plans to get what she wants. If you express interest and then refuse to initiate, she will not be able to help herself and will most likely come to you.

• Walk Away

It may sound crazy but the feeling of regret and disappointment she will experience when you walk away (only to return later, perhaps at an even closer distance) will be enough to motivate her to not lose her chance when you return.

Be sure she knows you were interested before you do as you want her to feel confused and baffled when you don’t jump on over to ask her out. Women are so used to not having to initiate that when they are confronted with a situation where they have to, they most often will. They don’t want to lose out on destiny nor would they want to miss the challenge of such a difficult prospect.

While getting women to approach you is a game you can play, it only works if you have the self confidence and body language to go along. If you exude a shy, insecure guy then she will not see you as a challenge but instead simply a hermit who should have stayed home. By having a charismatic personality, open and attractive, your subtle mystery will send her reeling toward you.

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