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How To Pick Up Women In Bars: Guide To A Memorable Encounter Inside A Bar

You just finished a long and tiring week at work and you feel that you should reward yourself by unwinding in one of your favorite bars.

As you sat quietly in one of the corners inside the bar, you noticed a fine and elegant looking woman drinking by her lonesome. 

You were so mesmerized by her beauty that suddenly the concept of love and forever were suddenly believable. Like any hot blooded member of the male species, your initial reaction was to approach the good-looking lady.

However, you decided to hold back because you fear that you might get rejected. The time that you spent gawking at her beauty seemed like eternity until you were suddenly jolted back to reality. Then, you noticed that the woman that you had a liking for left.

You just sat there looking like fool because you just let a golden opportunity pass you by-all because you were afraid of women. Perhaps, you could have avoided this inconvenient predicament had you known the rudiments on how to pick up women in bars

To avoid throwing away any opportunities to related with an attractive member of the opposite sex, you should condition yourself mentally and physically. Relating well with the opposite sex is a skill that you need to learn and master. To equip you with the necessary skills on how to pick up women in bars, you may consider the following practical recommendations that have been tested to produce positive results.

how to be irresistible to women

1. Survey the battlefield. It is imperative that you are well-aware of the situation before you. Try to know whether or not the woman that you have your eyes on is also taking stolen glances at you.

She may be having a conversation with her friends and at the same time having a good laugh, but if she is casting stolen glances at you, then it is quite possible that she might also be interested on you. Moreover, you have to look for signs in the way she moves or in the manner that she glances at you. This is one of the basics on how to pick up women in bars.

2. Establish communication through your eyes. Simply put, you have to gently look at her. If she looks back and smiles, then that is your cue. However, be careful that you do not appear like you are some stalker in a horror film. Otherwise, it will freak her out.

3. Slowly go to her direction. However, you have to be careful that you do not falter. Keep in mind your purpose of approaching her.

4. Say something interesting. This could make or break your strategy. Be sure that when you open your mouth, you are able to say the right words.

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