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How to Ask for Her Number

Okay, I'm sure you're wondering how to ask for the digits aren't you?

Oh the terror!!!

Most men get nervous just thinking about this one. But never fear! Asking for a woman's phone number doesn't have to be hard.

First, let's look at a few methods you can use, and then I'll tell you the most important thing about asking for a phone number...

Five Ways to Ask for Her Number

Okay, here are five simple methods that work like a charm:

1. "You know I have to go, but I'd like to get to know you better. How about I call you tomorrow?"

Notice that you don't say: "Call you sometime." Tell her you'll call her and ask her when is the best time to call. If tomorrow won't work, set another time. This will help you to gauge how interested she is and cut back on flakiness from ladies.

2. "Hey, you know I've got to go but I'd like to continue this conversation. How about we meet at ___ on___?" Asking for the date right away is actually the best way to get a reason to ask for her number. Notice also that you ask for a specific place and time.

This makes it easier for her to say either yes or to tell you she has something to do that day. You can always ask for another day. But if you say "sometime," it sounds less confident and decisive. And here are a few easy and direct ways to ask:

3. "What kind of a phone do you have?" and she will ask "Why?" so you answer "because I want your number."

4. Hand her your phone and say: "I've gotta go but how about we talk again tomorrow?"

This last one is really good because you're not actually saying: "Can I have your number?"

wing girl method

This is a bigger deal than you might think. Remember, women have guys that they're not interested in ask for their number all the time. So they have a knee-jerk conditioned response for when they hear the cliche: "Can I have your number?"

But if you give her your phone, it does two things: first, it tells her what you're asking for without having to ask the dreaded cliche question: "Can I have your number?"

Second, it gives her a subconscious clue that you're trusting her by handing her your phone (a private possession for most people). I know this sounds a little odd, but sociological experiments have been done to test small actions that communicate trust.

One of them is letting someone handle a possession that is important to you, like your phone. It's also been proven that showing someone that you trust them makes them want to trust you more...something to think about.

What to Say When She Says No

Okay, I don't sugarcoat this..some women are going to just say no, and that's okay. Like I said in an earlier email: no man dead or alive has a 0% rejection rate with women.

But you can keep your cool if she says no and even leave her laughing if you do it right. You do this by putting out your hand and saying:

"Okay, that's five bucks."

When she asks what you mean say: "You got to hang out with me, that's five bucks"

As always, have fun and don't sweat it when she says no. Just remember, for every one that says no, that's one step closer to the one who says yes.

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