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How to Get a Second Date With Women

If you are a guy who struggles through the first date and can’t seem to get a girl to give you another shot, you may need to tweak a few things which may be turning her off.

The best way to learn how to get a second date with women is to master the first date. By insuring the first experience she had with you is memorable and fun, you will increase the odds of another outing.

First Date Nevers

A first date is crucial because it is your chance to make a real impression on her. Knowing how to act on your first date, what to plan and what not to do is important. Below are things you should never do on a first date:

• Sex
• Be Late
• Get Too Lovey Dovey
• Be Overly Complimentary
• Grope or Touch Her Intimately
• Ask her to Pay or Split the Bill
• Not Have a Plan
• Park or Drive Illegally
• Take Her Somewhere Where She Was Not Prepared
• Talk About Past Relationships
• Make Fun of Her in a Mean Way
• Bring Your Friends
• Talk or Text Someone Else
• Cry, Mope or Complain
• Make Fun of Others
• Take Her on an Overnight Trip
• Discuss Your Health Issues
• Introduce Her to Your Parents
• Show her Pictures of Your Porn
• Lie About Who You Are

All of these things are a big no-no on the first date. You ultimately want your first time with someone to be casual and yet intimate enough where you can get to know each other. It is good to keep things light and enjoyable.

This means discussing heavy subjects or negative topics are probably not a good idea. Keep things real and sincere and don’t overly express your interest in her as this can backfire.

Make it Memorable

You want her to enjoy herself and have a memorable time so try not to be boring. If you want to go out to dinner, that’s perfectly fine. Just keep in mind she’s probably been to that same restaurant with many guys so how will you compare. Rather than feel the need to over impress her with a lavish meal, try coming up with a romantic conclusion to your evening.

Go for a nice moonlit walk somewhere pretty or have desert and coffee at a chocolate shop. Think of something original but not too grand. You don’t want to have to measure up to an amazing first date every time but you certainly want her to remember it as special and unique.

Avoid Fishing

Don’t fish for compliments and certainly don’t fish throughout the date to see if she’s enjoying herself. Instead, focus on just enjoying each other. If you are insecure and constantly asking her if she’s having a good time, you will begin to make her uncomfortable. She will assume you have a poor self esteem and be remiss to date you again.

Keep her Guessing

Women like a challenge so if you want her to take interest in a second date - be challenging! Not in a contentious sort of way but rather be a little guarded and hard to get. You don’t have to tell her every second how attractive she is and how much you hope she will go out with you again. Instead, be subtle.

Certainly be real and enjoy your time together but don’t let her know right away you want to continue dating her. By keeping her guessing you will create the intrigue she requires to want to see you again.

If you follow these principals during your first date, learning how to get a second date with women will be easy – all you’ll have to do is ask! Provide her with a nice memory and be a gentleman yet mysterious and she will be highly eager for you to ask her out again.

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