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How to Kiss a Girl

Kissing, an age old sentiment, an art form which once developed and perfected stands ground alongside Michelangelo or Beethoven perhaps.

It is as diverse and unique as the kisser himself and yet as powerful and profound as the innocent sigh of the receiver.

It’s funny how such a simple thing can carry such depth, meaning and passion. For most guys, the act of kissing is inherently established through practice but if you want to truly know how to kiss a girl, this information is priceless.

In the grand scheme of dating, many men overlook the importance of a single kiss. A kiss, to some, is the means to an end. It is the subtle transfusion, the introduction to what is really on the mind – sex! This however is the problem.

Kissing to get to home plate becomes distracted and planned. While yes, there may be passion; this passion is simply a prerequisite toward the removal of her clothing and end game!

You may find yourself wondering why a guy needs to learn how to kiss a girl.

Simple, your kiss defines everything to her. As little girls, the female mind has been pruned with ideas of prince charming rescuing them and culminating in that ultimate glorious kiss. She has waited her entire life for just the right kiss; the one which will transform the beast, awaken the sleeping beauty or perhaps turn her from swan to princess.

Unless you want to remain ever a frog prince, the advice is to get it right. If you want to know how to kiss a girl on a first date, follow this advice:

• Brush your teeth, use mints or gum first

There’s nothing more distasteful than bad breath and gunk on your teeth. Before you even have a chance you will send her running far, far away from you. If you want to kiss be sure you are kissable.

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• Look at her deeply and with intent first

Don’t be creepy but help her to feel like she is the only girl who exists in the entire world. Look her directly in the eyes as you get closer. It’s a way to let her know you are coming in so she has a chance to be prepared and ready for your kiss. This will help you land the kiss accurately instead of an embarrassing moment on the forehead or nose if she should turn accidently.

• Use an act of tenderness

Do this by either brushing aside a strand of her hair or gently caressing her cheek. Yes, this is in the movies but it works! In fact girls long for this sweetness and the feeling of gentility. You don’t have to be in love to act like a gentleman.

• Start the kiss slow and small.

In other words, don’t pound her with your mouth or lunge toward her like you’re coming in for a kill. Passion should always start slow and build toward a climax, not the other way around.

• Use little nibbles to change the kiss and keep it interesting.

You don’t want to sit and play the same cat and mouse tongue game for hours. To avoid boredom, break the kiss up with little kisses on the neck or lips to keep it interesting.

Be sure when learning how to kiss a girl you NEVER do any of the following:

• Don’t use your tongue to explore her mouth or clean her teeth

Even if you have a teeth fetish, more than likely your exploratory nature should be set aside.

• Don’t immediately start groping her while kissing

This will only make her feel uncomfortable as a girl needs a warm up before you start moving on to the next base.

• Don’t get sloppy and leave her with a soggy face

Try and keep the level of saliva to a minimum. She doesn’t need to walk away with a facial nor do you need to ingest her make up.

By learning a few techniques on how to kiss a girl, you will be on your way to standing in the shoes of prince charming. Always remember a kiss is an important impression to her so make it memorable, sweet and allow passion to build.

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how to be irresistible to women

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