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How to Pick a Good Venue for Dates

Dating can be tricky; especially when all the planning and coordination falls into your court. Surprisingly the style and location for your date will say more about who you are than the date itself.

Knowing how to pick a good venue for dates will help you create the optimum environment with regard to your history with the person.

Depending on whether this is your first date or the last, below are helpful ideas to assist in planning the perfect time out.

First Date

A first date is obviously very important. Many people, however, make the mistake of going all out on the first date in order to impress the person they are courting. This in turn creates a scenario where every consecutive date thereafter shadows in comparison.

First dates should be casual with a hint of romance and/or fun. The goal of a first date is to get to know someone a little better to determine whether you want to move forward. A good venue will be somewhere quiet, casual and comfortable allowing for good conversation. Below are a few ideas for first dates.

• A quaint but quiet bar for drinks

• A small mom and pop style restaurant which is romantic yet not overly expensive or showy. Even an off the beaten path kind of place shows your creativity and desire for exploration.

• A coffee shop or diner with a nice cozy booth

• A stroll through a botanical garden

• A group venue idea or somewhere to break the ice amidst friends such as bowling or a swanky style lounge bar.


Intellectual Date

If you are on the cerebral side or suspect your date would appreciate something more refined, consider something on the artsy or cultural side. The goal is to promote stimulating, deep conversation to satiate a hunger for sharing knowledge and ideas. Intellectual dating venues include:

• Museums and Art Gallery Openings
• Live Jazz or Symphony Concerts
• Theater and The Stage
• A Gala or Charity Event
• Indy Film or Documentary Viewing
• A Cultural Festival
• A Poetry Reading

Romantic Date

Romantic dates are generally the most memorable, especially for females. These dates should be reserved for special occasions or surprises such as birthdays, graduation, holidays or proposals. They can also used to celebrate a milestone in a relationship. While the romance is what exists between two people, a good venue can help create the perfect ambiance. Some romantic date venues are:

• A ballet or opera
• A dark, upscale gourmet restaurant (with live music is even better!)
• A candlelit dinner in the park, on a rooftop or made at home
• A sappy movie such as a feel good drama or love story
• A quaint desert venue such as a French bakery which serves specialty coffees and chocolates.
• A moonlit walk through the park or on the beach
• A trip somewhere exotic such as Venice, Tahiti or the Hawaiian islands
• Anywhere the other person is passionate about. The most romantic thing you can do is plan something which shows your partner how well you know them and what they enjoy.

There are many options available but knowing how to pick a good venue for dates is a key factor in developing a successful partnership. With some of the dating ideas above and knowledge of where you are in your dating spectrum, you will be able to win hearts and have an edge over your less thoughtful competition.

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