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How to Stop Women from Flaking

Have you experienced a time when you have landed the perfect date with a girl who seemed genuinely interested, only to be blown off later?

Perhaps you have had some form of issue when it comes to women changing their minds; the good news is you can learn how to stop women from flaking or at least minimize the occurrences in the future.

Why Women Flake

There are several possible reasons why women are flaky. These range from character traits to a general sense of uncertainty.

Women are extremely complicated and complex and also have a tendency to over analyze situations. Within this realm of over thinking a woman often changes her perspective or reevaluates a situation. Below are the top reasons for female flakiness:

• Your Value

In other words, you didn’t do enough to prove your value to her. Many women are superficial or shallow and therefore everything is measured within the range of what you can offer her. Generally if you don’t have social status, financial security, an offering of the most fun or some other materialistic propensity – you will be blown off left and right by this girl.

She is superficial to say the least (usually the party girl). Her thoughts are on the highest bidder for her time so if something comes along which sounds better than your offer, she will take it, without thought.

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• Insecurity

This may be their own insecurity where they may be thinking they are not good enough for you or they won’t measure up. It also could derive from a fear of not knowing you and feeling uncertain dating a stranger.

Many girls who are more cautious tend to only date guys they have known for a little while rather than complete strangers. She may have blown you off simply because she was scared.

• Intoxication

Sometimes in the heat of the moment or under the influence, women may seem highly interested and enthusiastically agree to go out with you. Unfortunately for you the next day they may wake up, having forgotten all about you and without those memories, they won’t feel comfortable dating. Women need to feel secure and sure about who they are meeting out, otherwise to them it is a complete waste of time.

• Too Strong

You may have asked her out and she initially agreed and then you proceeded to have a celebratory conversation with her. If you came on too strong, wore your heart on your sleeve or expressed your complete fortune she acknowledged your presence, you most likely turned her off.

Women like to play the game and want a challenge. Yes, they want to know you are interested but they also want to take interest in you. If you have no mystery and appear desperate, she will soon change her mind.

• Can’t Say No

This female is just the nice girl who doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. It seems so contradictory to most guys that a girl would accept a date to your face only to blow you off later or not return calls. However, she is simply someone who can’t bear to dole out disappointment and therefore thinks giving you short term hope is the kind thing to do. While it’s really not, she is unaware.


Know the Type

If you want to know how to stop women from flaking, you must pay attention to the type of female you are approaching. If she is a party girl with somewhat superficial motives and is surrounded by friends and adoration, most likely she will need a mysterious guy who is an alpha male and can offer her some sort of gain, whether sexual or material.

If she blows you off, don’t let her know you are offended. Instead, it is best to act like you have plenty of things to do and suggest maybe another time. She’s the kind of girl you will call up a couple weeks later to invite somewhere really cool or exclusive (a celebrity party or V.I.P. tickets to some event). This is the kind of thing she can’t turn down.

If the woman you are talking with is more cautious or subdued, perhaps you may want to consider her analytical nature. Insure she doesn’t change her mind by sharing more of you with her.

Try and relate to her and find common interests so she can immediately feel connected. This girl won’t be as sure about dating a stranger so you have to quickly bridge the gap between stranger and friends first.

With her you don’t want to come on too strong either. Instead, reassure her you are not creepy and offer to reschedule in a more casual setting i.e.: your nephew’s birthday party or a local coffee house. Also, don’t beg but give her the chance a week or so later to reconsider.

A can’t say no girl is difficult to catch. She is not someone you will spot right away as she most likely was very nice, seemed sincere and eager to date you. The best way to handle this girl is to respond once she blows you off with a kind and gentlemanly approach.

Saying, “I understand; you just met me so that could seem kind of weird. How about if I see you again at the same place we try again? Or if you are interested we could just grab coffee and see about being friends first?” These are two very non threatening ways to help her not feel bad and perhaps give her another chance.

Learning how to stop women from flaking more often than naught comes from your show of self confidence. The more you appear to be a dominant male in control, the more attractive she will find you and the likelihood results in dates. Of course you don’t want to be a jerk but certainly be mysterious and cool and you should have more success.

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