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Learn How to Approach Girls

Women are fickle and often allure men with their particular tastes and preferences. It can be difficult to know the proper protocol when trying to learn how to approach girls.

Luckily there are ways to increase your chances and avoid rejection. Discovering a few of these little tricks alone will enhance your love life as well as your outlook of the female sex in general.

Hidden Intentions

The best advice when it comes to approaching girls is to maintain some composure with regard to your intentions. In other words, do your best not to let her know you find her amazingly hot, sexy and perfect.

A girl not only enjoys the challenge of hard to get but she also will be bored if you simply lay it all out. Have some fun with her and keep her guessing. Don’t let her know right away just HOW attractive she is or HOW much you are interested.

In order to do this you will have to continue to look around. Don’t give her undivided attention right away until you are sure she is mutually interested in you. Interact with other females to show her you are socially adept and on the market. This will certainly pique her interest as women are competitive creatures.

Confident Charm

If you want to learn how to approach girls, it is important to put the shy guy away. There is no point in even speaking to her if you are overly shy and cannot hide it. Women want guys who are confident and can show a high level of positive self esteem. If you don’t have it, fake it until you make it, as the saying goes. Learn a few body language secrets and begin practicing your new self.

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Be sure you don’t confuse confidence with conceit however. There is a big difference. A confident guy knows how to carry himself socially while a conceited guy is simply a bragger hiding a poor self image. When you are confident you don’t need to brag, you just are IT.

Study role models, male celebrities and guys who you think women are attracted to and you will begin to see a pattern of self confidence which you may follow. Pair this with a charming, friendly personality and you will begin to see the affect from women around you.

Sense of Humor

Don’t be a class clown but definitely make her laugh. Laughing releases healthy endorphins which make people feel good. Learning a few cute jokes or simply being a naturally funny guy will go along way in the initial approach. All women love a guy who can make her laugh and feel at ease. Anything too serious will come across as creepy and strange to her in the beginning.


Chivalry is not dead! Go for it. Tilt your head at her as though you were taking off your hat. Defend her against crudeness and certainly buy her a drink. All women grew up with fairy tales and princes so don’t be afraid to use this side of your masculinity. Besides women like a guy who can potentially take care of her as well as defend her. Don’t think a knight in shining armor is cheesy, women prefer this over boorish brute any day!

If you can incorporate these things into your pick up routine, you will quickly learn how to approach girls naturally. The more natural you are and the more confidence you express, the better your odds at being received well. Don’t let shyness get in your way, simply play the role until you become the role.

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