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Physical Attraction: Looks Do Count

You may have a Mensa IQ, a hefty bank account and the charm of a royal knight but in spite of it all, you can’t seem to attract the opposite sex.

You may not have any of those qualities (championship beer ponger doesn’t count) and still be perplexed why you haven’t won any hearts. The answer is clear, you have avoided the laws of physical attraction – looks do count!

That’s right. So undo your pout (it’s also not attractive) and get yourself up off your lazy hide. This info is for you!

Physical Attraction is shallow – True or False?

False! Being attracted to good looks is natural. Think about the type of person you dream to be with, can you honestly say you would settle for ugly if you truly had a choice? No, you would want the cream of the crop just like everyone else. Don’t delude yourself in order to excuse your lack of trying.

From Homely to Gorgeous – Is it Possible?

Absolutely! It’s not a magic pill of course unless you have a fairy Godmother and then you could still wind up a pumpkin. Rather, if you want to improve your physical attraction as looks do count you will need to bucker up and get to work. Here are ways to immediately improve your appearance:

• Shower, Shave, Brush Teeth, Groom

Personal hygiene is #1 in attracting anyone. No one wants to come near a foul smelling, yellow toothed, hairy fellow (or girl.) Use soap; comb your hair and scrub!

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• Get a Haircut/Style

No need to undust the hair trimmer you received for Christmas, (possibly as a hint) instead get yourself a professional. Make an appointment with a stylist, research current hair trends and pick out a new look to update and cleanup your appearance.

• Throw Away the Old Sweats

You may be overweight or simply accustomed to comfort (because you generally lie around loaf style) but it’s time to be an adult. Buy a new wardrobe or start with a new outfit which doesn’t involve your favorite sports team or slogans.

You will be surprised – real clothing comes in all sizes! Ask a retail associate what is in style and what would look good for your body type. Stop shrouding and hiding yourself from the world and get out there and be someone in it!

Next, to improve your physical attraction, you will need to begin a long term plan toward this end. Begin setting the following things in motion to improve your appearance over time.

• Get in Shape

Look, this won’t happen over night and you may have many setbacks to overcome but set your mind towards the goal of being a healthy and attractive person. The better you feel about yourself, the more you will attract the attention of positive people. Regardless of how many other times you have tried or how many new years have gone by, now is the time to decide to control your lifestyle and invent a new you.

• Kick the Dirty Habits

Smoking, excessive drinking and drug use over time will deteriorate your body. Looking like a haggard, worn out, nicotine and smoke filled chimney will not bring you the satisfaction you need. Use cologne, air out the old clothing and breathe some fresh air into your forsaken life. Stop utilizing passive suicide to avoid your lack of self esteem.

• Posture and Body Language

Confidence is truly attractive. While this is more of a mental mindset, you can begin working on the body language which expresses a confident person. Good posture is the key – shoulders back, strait spine and elongated neck are qualities of self confidence and assuredness.

Take up space in a room (as if you own it and not because you ate a lot of Twinkies for breakfast) keep your eyes raised and your hands resting casually rather than clasped, folded or behind your back. By developing body language traits, you will eventually not only have the improved physicality you will also begin to incorporate self confidence into your everyday life.

If you follow these recommendations for physical attraction as looks do count; you will begin a transformation within as well as out. Simply by feeling good, healthy and alive you will begin attracting everyone around you and the effect will snow ball until you get where ideally you want to be!

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