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Bald Men and Dating

Many guys struggle with the natural and inevitable law of going bald. Even the possibility can send men running to the Rogaine isle of their local drug store trembling with fear.

If you are concerned with the concept of how bald men and dating relate, rest assured as this is not as traumatizing as you may think.

Own Your Baldness

That’s right guys! If your hairline has enunciated itself beyond the point of no return – it’s time to let go and embrace the fact that – yes – you are going bald!

So what? According to Wikipedia, 25% of men begin balding by age 30. Two-thirds begin balding by age 60; indicating that ultimately, most men go bald. Why try and cower from the inevitable. Shave that head, maintain the rest of your physique and own it!

Is Being Bald a Turn Off?

The answer is completely dependent on your attitude. If you are self conscious, shy, insecure or in any way concerned with going bald, then yes, it is a turn off.

Not because you are bald but because you have allowed it to control your level of self confidence.

Most women are attracted to confident men – first. Second, they are attracted to how a man makes them feel and third are looks. Have you ever noticed a seemingly unevenly matched couple?

conversational chemistry with ladies

For Example, have you seen a guy with a less than perfect physique dating a super hot female? Well, it certainly happens – all the time! Women are not as superficial as they may seem and tend to pair themselves according to how a man meets their needs both physically and emotionally.

Use Your Head

When it comes to bald men and dating, try this technique. Instead of pretending you have no hair, let your sleek, smooth head be an extension of other parts of your body. Other – ahem – you know soft, smooth manly parts!

Use that head. Let women rub it, touch it, run their hands over it and they will soon get the point. Sexual attraction is enhanced by innuendos and hints about what passionate agendas lay hidden.

Don’t Hide Your Baldness

Forego the plugs, the Trump comb over, the toupee and stop hiding from yourself. When you try and pretend you are not going bald, you create a reverse effect. Instead you simply enunciate it and in some ways say – hey, look at me, I was going bald but I’m pretending I’m not.

If you really think the plugs aren’t noticeable or the comb over is attractive, you are sadly mistaken. These things scream out – low self esteem and women will be embarrassed to be with you. They are not however embarrassed by bald men with confidence as it is a known fact – most men go bald.

Bald men and dating perspectives have changed over the years. Guys are learning to simply go for it and let go of the preconceived notions that baldness means being forever single. In fact, most women understand and if you give them a chance to embrace your other magnificent qualities, you will be happily surprised!

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how to be irresistible to women

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