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How to Attract Younger Women

There's no shame in admitting it, most men are very attracted to younger women. It's part of our biological drive to reproduce.

Obviously, women in their 20s and early 30s are more sexually active, more energetic and are in their prime years for reproduction.

Sure, there are other dynamics involved in building a meaningful relationship: character, personality, level of personal responsibility, common interests and so on.

But if we are honest with ourselves, most men would also love to have a hot young woman on our arm.

The purpose of this e-mail is to teach you how to attract younger women...

First, Be Thankful That You Are a Man

Stop for a second and think about how fortunate you are to be a man. There are two reasons for this:

First of all, most women agree that signs of aging such as crow's feet around the eyes and eight few gray hairs on top often cause a man to become more handsome and masculine looking. Not only that, most women are less attracted to a man's exterior qualities and more to his level of masculinity, his decisiveness, his confidence and his assertiveness.

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These are all qualities you can continue to grow and refine as you get older, while many young men are clueless about them... sometimes for their entire lives.

On the other hand, most women have the clock (and gravity) working against them when it comes to attracting quality men into their life. Men are visual, and attracted to beauty... sometimes to a fault.

So the next time you start thinking that you are at a disadvantage in attracting younger women, remember what you just read.

(you might even want to print it out and put it somewhere that you can see it every day).

Second, Give Her the Best of Both Worlds

Now surely, there are women who are very attracted to younger men....but for different reasons than they are attracted to older men. Younger men are more energetic, oftentimes more ambitious and more willing to try fun new things. But, many women don't stay in relationships with these men for long... why is this?

Because what women really want (just like all of us) is ' the best of both worlds. They want the masculinity, decisiveness, confidence and assertiveness of the more mature man, but the energy, the ambition and adventurous nature of the young man. What if you could give them both?

Imagine, you could blow the competition (both young and old) off of the map! So how can you work on maintaining the good qualities of the young man while offering her the maturity of an older man?

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You start with your energy level. First, start working out (cardio and strength training) and get on a more natural diet. Cut out preservatives, excess sugar, excess saving and unnatural fats. These things alone can give you an energy level that will make you feel 10 years younger.

Second, find something fun and adventurous to try...start learning a new hobby. Perhaps something you wanted to learn when you were young but never did. The more physical activity your hobby requires the better. Your friends might think that you are having a "midlife crisis." Don't let this bother you.

Age only catches up with you when you stop really living. Get back in touch with your slightly boyish side and sense of adventure, while at the same time working on your emotional maturity and masculinity according to what you are learning in these emails.

Then you'll be both of the things that young women want from a man, and you'll have the last laugh on the people who made fun of you for it.

TIP: Go on the internet after reading this and gather some information about a hobby that you have always wanted to pursue. Then put together a plan for getting your body in better shape. Do this right now, before you put it off... old man ;-)

Speaking of plans, like I said before, Carlos Xuma has assembled hours of inner game coaching to make sure you master this most critical part of the attraction process.

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And stay tuned because the next email is going to TELL you EXACTLY how 99% of guys blow the approach with women...