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How to Be More Attractive To Women

There are many generalities on how to be more attractive to women. In fact, most guys know they should groom, be attentive, have confidence, etc.

But these are some of the unspoken things women look for in men which are not always as blatant.

Hands Make a Statement

That’s right. Your hands are an important and attractive feature to women. Not only are they looking at the length of your fingers – ahem – but they are analyzing other characteristics as well.

For example, clean hands which are neatly manicured and well maintained are most attractive. Women imagine many things including what those hands may feel like on their body. Guys with heavy calluses or dirty fingernails are not going to get the same level of reflection. Besides, what woman wants you exploring any nether regions with dirt crusted beneath long, yellowed daggers?

On the other hand, a guy with pudgy fat, soft fingers will indicate a real softy (all around) regardless of whether he is overweight or not. Strong, slender fingers are ideal as a woman wants to know you can handle her like a man.

She’s not looking for a sniffly nosed boy who has marshmallow palms but rather hands which can hold her up and guide her when she needs it. Men are protectors and if it looks like your hands need protection themselves because they are never exposed to manly elements, women will be less interested in your other features.

Posture and Shoulders

If you don’t have big broad shoulders (which all women love) you better darned well be sure you have excellent posture! A woman is much more attractive to a man who expresses confidence and authority through good posture and proper body alignment. If you are the hunchback of Notre dame don’t expect any princesses to come running to your sorry side.

2nd Chance in a relationship

This only happens in fairy tales and not many at that (most involve broad shouldered princes who come galloping to the rescue). A broad back and astute posture says a lot about who you are and she will make this estimation well before your approach.

If you have poor posture, practice in the mirror, standing, sitting and work on strengthening your back through exercise to improve the condition. You will find you are more attractive to yourself as well as the women you run into. Again, women want men who appear strong and in control.

Dress Code

Many articles discuss the concept of dressing properly to attract women. Yes, you should don clean clothes and dress with style but what else? How you dress is less about what you wear but how well you wear it. If you have grubby, baggy pants and wrinkled clothing, you are making a statement that you either don’t care about your appearance or that you prefer to look like a bum.

Regardless, a woman will read this and quickly surmise a lack of self respect. If you don’t respect yourself, you most likely won’t be able to respect anyone else either. Nor will you give her the impression you are capable of taking care of her (unless going through soup kitchens to fetch her dinner is on her agenda). Women want men who can exude a measure of power or authority.

If not, they want men who have a sense of style which reflects something positive about life such as charisma, art or class. If you don’t fit into one of these categories (and bum is not the same as starving artist) you most likely will miss the mark
when it comes to her attention.

In order to learn how to be more attractive to women the bottom line is - act like you care! About yourself, your life, how you are perceived and what qualities you showcase through your appearance. If it seems you take the time to care, she will assume you are worthy of her attention. Besides, if you aren’t willing to try to impress her in the beginning, what can she possibly expect from you in a relationship down the road? Anything short of trying is failing.

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